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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

And breathe...Plus, a look I've pulled from NewLook's website

Been forgetting to breathe lately, I'm running around like a headless chicken, the school's computer system has corrupted my memory stick so I've had to wait 3 days to get that fixed, so that's 3 days lost working! However we have PSE day on Wednesday and I'm under the impression that my fuming mother isn't going to go and let me meditate with the loudest Canadian in the world.
Popped into New Look Saturday though and found that they've got some lovely stuff in! I quite like the stuff they have in now and I so know where lots of my pay is going!
On another note, meeting the lovely boyfriend on the 21st (: Very excited!
Anyway back to Fashion... I thought I'd make you another I want type thing but this is a look I've just pulled from the website. New Look also have 10% off for NUS card holders, they did have 20% but I don't know if that is still on any more. Any opinions on the look and such? (: xoxox


  1. adore these pieces, especially the blouse! I tagged you in my blog :)

  2. Why thank you Sophie, I'm honoured (: