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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Sunday, 31 October 2010


My Sisters pumpkin that she carved. A werewolf/wolf howling at the stars. Pretty good I thought for a 15 year old.
Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it! Sadly I've grown out of the habit and find it a nuisance, mainly because of 15 year olds who think trick or treat is an excuse to be ruder than usual and ask for sweets. But still it was sweet seeing all the children dressed up in town in their little outfits with their faces all painted, trying to frighten all the shop assistants in shops. Oh when I was little, I'd be all dressed up in my black bin bag and my little cat ears (I had a habit of ruining clothes that I rarely wore?) and jumping out at my dad when he got home. Carving the pumpkin's was always good, sadly my sisters was better than mine most of the time.
I also got the T-shirts yesterday through, so I can start making the pattern for those, and hope to of finished 5 of them by next week sometime! But I'll put up photo's as I go! So that should be fun to do. They've all got cool little sayings on them, although I'm hoping to do a few pictures eventually but I want to get set up first before I do too much!
My cat that was so tired after doing lots of work....Cause sleeping is such hard work. Don't worry kitty, it's not like that's my bed, you carry on. Excuse me for interrupting you....
For now though that is all. So have a good halloween! I wanna see lots of pictures of you're costumes!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Coursework, Wii Fit and Dinner out. All in all a lovely day...

Such a wonderful day I've managed to have today! I've done quite a bit of coursework, and tidied my dreadful room! I didn't realise how much floor space I had! I also managed to FINALLY ring work, which is good, I'm looking forward to work for some weird reason. I'm weird? Although it has just occurred that I've not the foggiest where my trainers for work are...Bother! On the upside I've managed photo's again, so I'm quite impressed with that! I'm getting the hang of this!
Ooh! and my dad set up the Wii Fit for mum, turns out I'm the one that has used it the most! I spent 45 minutes on it, jogging around the "park" and overtaking the trainer which was quite fun! and hula hooping, I'm not sure exactly why I can hula hoop on the Wii and not real life which is a shame. and doing weird dance step ups, but it was good fun! Definetly worth the money, and now I can exercise in the warm instead of on the trampoline in the cold... that and the springs keep flying into next doors garden...
I also got an e-mail back from one of the people that I asked to e-mail, so I've that interview done, I just need to type it all up and sort it out a little, and then that'll go up too! So you'll have to tell me if you like it once it does and if you want more! more!more! 
And we also went to Pizza Express, where I had a salad... and a Chocolate fudge cake to finish it all off with! But I had a salad so it's okay! It was really nice, and the photo's are what I wore then since I was wearing my jogging bottoms and that today, not nearly as attractive! But yeah it was just my jacket, and new drummer type blouse thingy, and my skinny jeans and high shoes again. I desperately need more clothes. But I'm refusing to by more if I'm going to try to keep loosing weight. 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bad driving, Christmas Shopping and a need for a Tripod... oh and feeding?

For some reason, and I'm not sure why since my mother keeps a weirdly tidy house... all our mirrors are filthy! Why?! It's even odder because mine manage to all be clean. We also desperately need some good lighting! I was going to take some photo's outside, except I lacked something... my camera. So I clearly had an issue with this. By the way I'm now taking my photo's with my expensive camera, as I call it. But I think for the pictures to improve I need an a) interesting background, or at least a plain one or b) I need a tripod so that they aren't shakey... either I think would definitly increase the picture quality. Christmas is always around the corner though, so I'd better start my list! 
The London Eye at Christmas, when it's snowed and all the trees
 are lit up! how pretty is that?!
On the subject of Christmas, I went and collected my order, and now have the main part of my Christmas shopping done. How brilliant! My mother claims it to be FAR to early to start Christmas shopping... I strongly disagree! Saying that I'd have the Christmas Tree up in May if I had my way, I likely all the twinkly lights >< ^.^, but that might just be because I am a sad child. But it is all done, and I will take a picture, later and show you what I've got for everyone, since I do love sharing. 
I also have an annoying boyfriend (Who I love very dearly) who I've still to buy for... he's a pain. Men always are, it's okay if they're you're father, they're related to you. Bad Christmas presents are expected like jumpers. *Wonders if said boyfriend needs a jumper?* So now I've to get him a really good Christmas gift, since I'm a little competitive. So any idea's would be GREATLY appreciated. *Said boyfriend may ask for stuff when he reads this later so as to SEO* But I doubt much will come of that either.
My driving instructor has also changed her car.
 I DO NOT LIKE!! I insisted on moaning the entire hour, because the gear box is far higher up and it confuses me, I also keep putting it into 4th instead of 2nd and vice versa. It is also weird to pull off in. I'm far to used to the other car, and now plan on buying the same car that I learn in so that I don't have to get used to a 3rd car! I will never manage this. Also the bell just went, ooh! I wonder what it is! Sadly probably not anything interesting, which is a shame. I doubt it's a big present for me. Though if it is I love whoever the sender is, extremely dearly. It may be next door giving back the 2 springs, that flew over their fence 2 days ago while I was on the trampoline... I lose weight and now the springs start breaking? Our trampoline is impossible. Least I didn't kill anyone with them... 
Oh yes, and I suppose I'd better show you what I wore! Christmas side tracks me awfully, one day you'll all log on to find I've gone Christmas mad, and written 4 posts in 5 minutes about it... Hopefully I'll keep my sanity, but do expect far too many Christmas pictures. 
I wore my Topshop, Coco Chanel Quote top that I got in the sale for £10! and a Primark wrap around belt in light grey, my River Island £4 sale necklace that I got recently, my blazer, leggings and my high boots again. Although of course I wore flat shoes to drive in.
Oh and I also forgot to tell you on the front of having interviews with people that own their own hand made store or Vintage stores, I've found a few people and sent them the questions, so I'll post that up as I get replies back! There'll be links to there stores as well so you can have a little snoop for yourself!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Such a good day!

Today was pretty great! So as you know I got accepted into IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) which I'm really proud of since I didn't really think I'd get accepted in as my blog isn't AS fashion orientated as some of the others are and that I don't update enough sometimes. But I got in despite and this did make my day a good start. I then went shopping with my mum and got to dress up a little, which every girl loves doing! I got a white blouse, a new coat which you can see in the slideshow (the navy one) and a white blouse, a ring, and some new underwear (Cause every girl loves some good underwear!) We also then went out to lunch, which wasn't as good as what it used to be when we went to the place, we've said this the last few times that we've gone.... and yet we still go?!
I've then sat and up-dated my blog, as you can tell, and I've had a good old look at some magazines, and attempted to sort out my room... I think it's messier than when I started? Got to love tidying occasionally. I've also rang my friend who is at her sisters in New Castle and organised to go to the beach on Friday, so there should be some good photo's from then hopefully since I also got some batteries for my decent camera! 
I still can't quite believe that Kate Moss is leaving Topshop though, I dislike that thought! However I will so be getting an item from her last collection, a ring or something I think. Since I think the clothes are a little expensive for my student budget sadly, but maybe for Christmas! I'm really looking forward to seeing what Chloe Green can do though! I loveee! upcoming Designers! 
I also managed the very top Slideshow on Slideroll, and I'm quite impressed with myself, although our windows do need a good clean, which I managed to not notice till I'd taken the pictures which is a little annoying. But I'll be wearing that coat when I go to the beach so hopefully I'll get some really nice pictures of it then!
Also! A little bit of news for you, I am trying to line up some interviews with up coming designers, or owners of businesses who sell vintage clothing. I thought that might be a little bit interesting and different! The competition will close on the 19th, so expect the week of interviews to be up not far after that! But I'll try to keep you posted on how that is going, but so far I've had some good response!

News Flash! Kate Moss to leave Topshop!

Kate Moss's last collection!
I saw this today on a magazine, and investigated! Surely this isn't the beginning of the end for Kate Moss? I do hope not! I do quite adore her!
According to sources Kate Moss is to be given the boot by Sir Philip. Rumors are that Chloe Green will be replacing her, due to Moss's energy and enthusiasm for the collection going, and thus the collection comes out twice a year instead of 6 times a year as it previously did as her team runs out of idea's for new clothing and the luster for them are gone as they are unimaginative and highly price and apparently not that well made. I think this will be a sad day since I've always found something I like in the collection but couldn't afford. However since this will be the last collection I will be buying something to remember our darling Kate by. 
I do look forward to however Chloe Green taking over, I think it will be interesting to see how she will be perceived as Sir Philip's daughter and how her design skills really will contend. She does so far seem a driven young lady who knows what she wants. Will Topshop loose the new clientele that it had gained? And will his daughters collection be as good as daddy wants?
 Pictures from Kate's last collection. Have her designs become less dramatic compared to the Drama that we are used to, that comes with the British rock styled model? or will we follow Kate no matter where she goes? I certainly hope that someone allows her to carry on designing since I always thought that they were a little different and very much her own style which people can't help but adore. I know that Chloe has a lot to prove though, after having Kate design for Topshop.


I am incredibly proud, to announce that I have been accepted into IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and am very happy about this. I have also gotten my UCAS back and have up-dated my personal statement, which I'll put on here for now for you all to have a nosey at. I have changed my final 5 to:
London art college aswell. 
I'm getting quite excited and can't wait to get my offers back!
I've also been shopping! But I'll take photo's of that for you all later! but I' just thought I'd quickly let you know that I was accepted into IFB and that I'm very proud of this. Ooh and I've also ordered some white tops so that I can start my collection!!

Now here is my personal statement: 
"I have chosen to do Fashion design as I enjoy designing clothing and would like to learn more about the technical side. I aspire to open my own label, and would like to use the knowledge and skills I will gain to do so. I have always been interested in fashion, from watching Ladies day at Ascot with my mother, to reading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Company, Elle etc. I have especially enjoyed going to cities and drawing new ideas from the people walking past and seeing creative ways of putting things together.
I like that the course has good underlying technical skills, which is an area that I want to gain more experience in. I have already begun to make efforts towards this by making little projects. Designing and construction skills are of particular value to me.
Living in the city has always appealed to me, as the diverse culture and people constantly provide fresh inspiration. I am also looking forward to participating in competitions. It would be good advertising if I started a label and I can gain feedback.
I'm currently studying art and photography and have tailored these subjects to make fashion the main component. A lot of designing is also involved, and compiling a portfolio has been an interesting challenge. I am resitting History and an Art module as I feel that I didn't do as well as I could have and so would like to improve my mark, as I was only a few marks off of the next grade for both.
I have also been very pro-active in art/design. I started art lessons when I was 7 and carried on every weekend for 6 years, studying different materials, styles and types of work which has significantly helped my sketching abilities. Business studies will also help, as it introduces to the fundamentals of starting up my own label, and has also helped me develop my research skills and means that I find it easier to source items.
 I also have a personal/fashion blog (http://thecountrycitygirls.blogspot.com)which I update daily showing what I'm wearing daily and with other personal stuff on. I was also recently accepted into IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) which has helped me to connect with other Fashion Bloggers so that I can see more work and designs, and also gives me access to more opinions and fashion choices.
 I also have done a night course for pattern cutting and dressmaking where we are taught to do seams, seam finishes, hems, zippers, godets, gathers, pleats, pattern cutting and construction and will be able to make our own skirt by the end of the course. I will also after this course be taking up the advanced and intermediate course as well to improve on my skills.
I also have an online store where I sell jewellery that I make and am also starting a range of T-shirts with motifs on and hope to develop the range and progress as I go. This gives me a forum in which I can sell the clothing I make and builds confidence in my work as well as a clientele base. It also offers a chance to see what sells well. The industry is hard to get into and competitive, which is a situation I feel I will do well in; I am driven and often described as a perfectionist.
In my free time I relax, shop and go to the cinema as well as holding a varied social life. Working at both JJB and Debenhams offers me a variety of experience working with the public, handling money and seeing different trends. I have gained good customer knowledge and developed my ability to perceive a customer's needs, which will aid me in custom designs, and would help me to know what they were looking for in competitions and create a design based on that.
Going to university will be a chance to find new influences and to socialise with a new and diverse group of people. I find it good motivation to be around people who think similarly to me, enabling us to learn from each other."

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


What I wore yesterday and perhaps should of taken the picture when I was a little less grumpy and tired?
 I’ve woken up sadly with an absolute headache, and I don’t mean the people one that you can easily solve. Although I’ve that too. My UCAS is still messed up too, ever since my “Friend” sent it to my teacher to be checked, she’s released it back to me, but I still can’t log on, which wouldn’t be so bad but it says that I’m not taking my A level exams, and also that I want to go to Coventry and not Westminster. Which is really bugging me now, since the only open day I’m attending is Westminster not Coventry… pain much? So I’m still really annoyed at that… and her.
I’m still waiting too warm up since my Dad has opened the windows to let some of the cold air in, and once that has happened… so in a few hours. Then I’m going to go on the Wii (if I can get it to work) and then I’ve some more of my list to do, and also this picture to finish off, but I should be able to finish that today and post a picture.

A close up of my pretty necklace (:
Here is also my new top that I brought at Debenhams in there sale and used my staff discount, so it cost me something like £6.50 in the end which impressed me no end. Hopefully it’ll be long enough to go over just leggings or something, but it’s cute either way. The necklace is from River Island and I got for £4, but I thought it would go well with leggings or my grey jeans which is quite good. I seem to really like long necklaces and rings atm. I also want to go in with Dad to town and get a ring from there which I was unsure of at the time, but I actually really like, I’m not sure whether to wait and go in with mum tomorrow though which I’ll probably end up doing. The blazer is also from River Island and I ordered online in there sale, it cost me £30 but it’s quite big which I love and is fairly long which is nice, since I prefer stuff to be long, since I can just put a top on over some leggings and then my jacket and not worry about being indecent from behind.
I've also today managed to finish one side of my business coursework, and I hope to later this evening finish this Kiefer picture that I keep starting and stopping!  I also want to do another page in my book for this years course. I've other than that done pretty much nothing since I didn't even manage to get on the Wii, but maybe I'll manage that later anyhow. I also aim to do my history homework as well, since that means that is out of the way, least she hasn't set us an essay this time, and I am thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow! Even though I need to text my driving instructor and see if she has any lessons later in the afternoon.
I also just watched gossip girl. OMG! Chuck and Blair so have to get back together! It's heartbreaking! I hope they will, I think to take down Julietta and that lot, I think they'll manage some devious plan and manage to finally get back together! I read some of the synopsis for next weeks, and lots of Hate sex was on the agenda! Here is the Canadian preview for the next episode! Sorry about the weird size, I dunno how to change that!

I'm also now about to set fire to some bits of paper to put in my art book for research purposes of course... and then I also want to draw a picture of a destroyed city, and then that should add a few extra marks on to my work hopefully. It's getting re-marked in summer and I really need to do lots of work to complete it. I've also at some point got to re-learn all my work from last year to re-take my Tudor paper which I hated. Least this year it's more coursework than exams. But I'll post a video of last years portfolio for you so that you can see the work I did in my book, my final piece is still at school I'm afraid. I looked at society and how everything in upper society is all nice looking and how it's only when you get lower down socially that you begin to see the cracks in the city. So it was based on high society and how they couldn't see the cracks in their perfect society. It was also of course based heavily on fashion, as is all of my work.
I'm also looking forward to getting a dress making mannequin soon if all goes to plan! I'm gonna save up for one and try to buy one off the internet since they aren't too expensive hopefully. But I'm going to wait till the end of the month to get one because I don't want to spend all my money at the beginning of the month again.
 Quite an interesting dress concept 

Monday, 25 October 2010

A half and half day

So I had a successful morning, I posted my orders, and I tidied under my bed and tidied my wardrobe... and then it just went to pot, I ate farrrr too many cookies >< and I did nothing...where did it all go wrong?! It's not very good that's for sure, I also looked rather nice but I'll take some pictures later maybe, once my mummy has gone to work, I'll take some outside for a change, since that should be fun! Hopefully.... 
I DESPERATELY need some batteries for my good camera, I say this every month, but when I go into town on wednesday I'm going to get some! Or I might walk up to Tesco and see if they have any. Either way I'm getting rechargeable batteries! I'll also tonight take some pictures of my new stuff that I got! (: So at least you can see that!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The past

The past is the past. Sounds silly, but sometimes it's just not as simple as that and sometimes we manage to forget it. The past might of been good, but some people did not make it to the present/future for a reason. They did things that can't just be forgiven by a shopping trip or anything. So although it may be hard occasionally, know that someone better is going to stay in the past/present/future, because it's true they will. They will also put up with every mistake you make, and will help you through anything, and won't cancel on you or abandon you when you need them most. The people that did that are gone, and here is the Fresh Start.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fresh Start...

"The Dog Days are Over" -   http://lookbook.nu/maedchen   
The dog days are indeed over....
So I've decided I need a fresh start. I've the week off since it's half term, and I've decided that I'm going to get on top of all of my school work, that I'm going to start a seperate blog, and keep it up to date for things to do with pattern cutting and dress making. I'm also going to have a little tidy out of my room since I feel that it's too cluttered, and I need to get rid of some of the stuff since I'll have to do it next summer if not when I go to university. 
I'm also on the shop front, starting a new range of T-shirts, for which I will keep you posted, but for now just to keep me going I'm selling all of my jewellery supplies since I'll no longer be doing that, unless it's just a one off. But they'll just be plain motif t-shirts I think for now. I'm going to design 10 and then I'll post them up in my shop and put a link here for anyone who wants a link. I'll also be making custom shirts on as well which will be a nice change I think.
I'm also taking up running every night, and swimming once a week which due to my week off, I should at least be able to do easily this week hopefully. And it's something that I can do everyday and enjoy a little, something nice and relaxing to get rid of all that extra caffeine that I enjoy drinking far too much.
I also passed my theory test! which I was really worried about! But it turns out it wasn't so bad, and now I've just my practical to pass and then I can eventually get my car hopefully! Which I'm really excited for! But sadly I'm still saving, or rather starting! So the more I sell the better!
I'll also hopefully be going shopping this week! So there will be lots of new clothes to show you! Which is always nice! Could still do with some little black boots though since I can't find any nice ones anywhere which is really annoying. Why does no where do nice boots?
So I'll keep you up-to date on that! And I'm now going to go and set up my blog for the night course... and here is the link!    http://victoryistheonlyoption.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Swimswim! and Shirley Craven...

Shirley Craven's work.
I've had a more productive day! I went swimming, and I posted the stuff that I needed to, for the most part. And I also managed to go to the art gallery which I needed to do, now I just need to colour in that thing for art and stick in my artist research... not to bad for a day when I feel ill! 
Now just to have a bath, so as to get rid of the smell of chlorine, which is sadly the only thing I can smell, not even my dinner ): 
Got lots of work to do tonight, so least I'll be kept nice and busy, which is what we like! Going to walk my new shoes in too after my bath, and then stuff them with some news paper to stretch them a little. I also need to make this stupid hat, that I've still not managed to make. I also forgot to go to the fabric store, to get some lace and red,blue and white pieces of fabric. Which is an awful pain.
They were showing some of Shirley Craven's work at the Fermoy art centre, since she's a hull based artist. She does some really cool patterns on materials, a little bit aboriginal/aztec sort of thing, but it's really cool. Quite glad I went in the end, and it's quite nice since it was free, which you often don't get any more which is a shame. But here's some of her work anyway. That's some of her work, I couldn't really find any others which was a shame, but I really like how some of them just seem to be colourful doodles, I thought it made a present change to pictures that are all painted and neat. xoxo

Le Bosquet


I've my free day and I've still! managed to not do anything, apart from tidy out my underwear draw and walk up to the post office....Oh brilliant. 
I've somehow, I'm not sure how and why, planned my day so that I need to go into school... Painting, printing(my printer likes putting lines in all the pictures horizontally that are not there.. -.-) and to finish my hat... which I've failed to start... Botherrr!
On the upside....I'll think of one later.
I'm also swimming later with a cold, but least I've someone to go with me to the art gallery in town so that will get my Art teacher off my back I guess. But it's still bothersome.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Blehh ):

Feel seriously icky ): I've a runny nose and everything, I've not even straightened my fringe since I've tied my hair up how lazy >< I suppose I should do it now before my night class ><  Least I managed to get my coursework marked, and it looks like I've tomorrow off, except I have to go to an art gallery in town for my Art, not that I mind but I just feel so icky! I'm now starting my longgggg list of to do stuff down, so hopefully I can do some tonight and then print off tomorrow, even though I could do with the sleep, but I'm sure I'll get sleep eventually... oh beautiful sleep.... I suppose I'll have an early night if I can when I get home, not that it'll be that much earlier but still, it's something.
Oh and I've gone back to drinking my green tea which I absolutely dislike, but it's annoyingly good for you, I'd also better have more coffee before I go to my night course otherwise I might fall asleep, which probably isn't the most useful thing to do...
Anyway I'll post later as well if I remember, though I'm afraid no pictures today cause I look absolutely awful!

Good morning!

"Serena: I guess it's for the best. If I end up with Dan, a part of me will always love Nate. If I end up with Nate, a part of me will always love Dan, so I don't know. I guess I just need to find someone who gives me what I get from both of them.
Blair: That's a mature decision. Not sure I've made many of my own for awhile."

Okay so this is an odd source. But I do love my Gossip Girl, and I was having a little think earlier. About decisions and stuff, and this pretty much sums it up.
It's true,
a) if you want both, have neither and find the middle ground, cause he's got the best of both!
b) mature decisions are probably a good idea, be less hasty! be more patient. If you deserve it, you'll get it.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

New shoessss :D! Yep that is pretty much the high light of my day! my new shoes! There's a picture of me in them and my leggings and my shirt that I wear to bed, I do apologise for how rough I look! I've been at work all day and feel like I should be sleeping for the next 4 years! Sadly not. My skin is also trying to get dry, but I won't let it so I'm stuck in that awful stage where it's not quite dry but not right either, and it's quite sore.
My new shoes and my night shirt, I do look awful but never mind, least now you can see my beautiful shoes!
I've also bitten down some of my nails too! which is annoying, now I remember why I like my nails long! But!
I've my night course tomorrow night so I'm a happy girly! I also need to send my dress from Asos back, so I get £10 back which is good I guess, since I'm broke from the shoes! I've also my theory test soon and need to revise which is a pain. I've also got my re-sits soon and I can't remember anything from last year, so I'm a little bit screwed! So I'm gonna have to find someone to revise with and try my best this time, since it's cost me a fortune to re-sit!
I took this one while trying my shoes on, it doesn't look as awful as what I thought it did (:
Which is ridiculous, but I do want to get into Uni so I suppose I'd better do it. On the subject of Uni's, I managed to book an open day at west minster as well, so that's great! I will now be attending 1! open day! I don't see the point in attending the others, mainly cause I can't get the time off to visit.... but never mind.


Friday, 8 October 2010

And I'm back...

So I can't exactly remember when I updated this because it's me, and also cause I've been quite tired and a little ill, which I can't really afford to be. So I've got pictures of my art book to show you and I've what I wore today, though it's not very inventive cause I woke up late. Though I think I could currently sleep for days, but alas I've work tomorrow 9-6 and Sunday 10:30-4:30, which is a shame cause I do miss a good lie in.
But on the upside I've booked my driving theory for the 20th October, so I'm quite nervous about that and need to do some revision, as well as revision for everything else which is annoying. But least then that's out the way, and I'd better pass cause it cost me a bloody fortune.
But I'm also making a hat for my art class, but there'll be pictures of that up later cause it's really not finish yet... not really started either, but still! Positive is the key!
I've also had my night course on Monday which went amazingly! I absolutely love it, and definitely want to do it when I go to uni, I just need to improve my drawing skills which is a pain! But least now I know what I need to improve at and can just keep going and trying, I think I'll just print some pictures off and stick them in my book and keep trying from there. After all, practice does make perfect!  But anyway here's what I wore today, and also the pictures from my art book.

I also seriously need a day off! I'm so tired! I spent Monday working, which is a pain. I seriously need sleep which is a shame that I can't. I'm also meant to be booking my gym induction for Tuesday afternoon, and I'm meant to go swimming next week, but I might skip the gym induction since it's not booked and just go swimming, and wait for the induction till I get paid, since I'll hopefully get paid lots cause of being paid 2 months wages from Debenhams and 1 from JJB, which is good cause I've seen some expensive shoes that I LOVE! and have now decided I NEED! & I was gonna show you a picture of the shoes but of course I can't find it.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ill, and apologies!

My apologies again for forgetting to do this, Saturday I worked then got farrr to drank, so sunday I was hungover and had work. Then monday I just did nothing apart from my night course which went excellent and I'll post up some pictures of my fashion design book since I've stuck my samples in there.
But today I feel awful, headache, sore throat and very tired. But I've done some work and I refuse to loose momentum so I've come home to work with coffee, water, and my darling laptop and a quiet room which will hopefully help, but I think I'll feel better once I've done lots of work and gotten back on top of it.
So later I'll post pictures of what I'm wearing today though I'm afraid not much effort went into it and I'll look more awful than normal. On the upside I ordered a nice dress from Asos, in the sale which was only £10! so I'm pleased about that if not now broke but it looks really sweet so I'm sure it'll be a good buy, I just need some shoes which is my major thing, so I'm gonna save up and go to london and see if I can't find any. Have though seen some nice ones in RI and Dorothy Perkins but I'm worried there too high for normal wear, but I may just get them and hope to be honest, cause I really am fed up of having no shoes! and they are gorgeous!

And the girl above is off of lookbook.nu and is Olivia L, but I thought she looked really good and that she looked like she was walking to school, although I am jealous of the fact she appears to have sun!