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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My involuntary internet detox! (With my family… help?!)

Just saw this post – http://courtneygillette.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/get-off-the-internet-my-one-week-detox/

and realised, I’m doing that… but un willingly. I agreed to go on holiday with my family to a cottage in Devon for a week…. and can’t take my falling apart laptop as there will be no internet access…Sugar…..

Now she poses some good questions…

What if someone important does e-mail you?

what about the internet banking?

What if Lady gaga does release a new video? I am a very big fan of her video’s and hate being out of the loop!

And I’m a bit of a facebook addict too!

and how will I check the weather so I know what to wear?!

I just wasn’t cut out for that! I’m one of the most technology savy people you could meet! But I can’t get internet on my phone, I pay through the ROOF for it! and since I will probably have to text/ring abroad already…. I’m dead! I don’t know how I’m going to survive! I have to come up with a plan! I’m just not sure what! I might cry! 7 days, stuck in a cottage, somewhere I don’t know… with my family… NIGHTMARE! And we’re driving up… so HOURS spent in the car! and how am I going to charge my HelloKitty mp3 ): Ohhhh this is getting worse!

Okay… Plan time:

-Find way to charge hellokitty mp3

- find way to have some access to internet

-find some way to not go on the holiday and stay home where you can charge your mp3 and have internet access 24/7?


The Pretty Reckless!!!

So I Loveeeeeee! The Pretty Reckless! the one with Taylor Momsen in, from gossip girl, she plays jenny humphrey (which I am also in love with) and I’ve tried using Limewire to download the songs for free only to get the live ones, well most of them anyway. So I’ve decided to wait till the album comes out, but don’t you hate that when you have to wait ><
So I just checked HMV again, after going into the official forum for TPR and now they have it under “coming soon” which is brilliant! since before they didn’t have it on there at all!
I also yesterday found the official Vevo chanel for them, and they had a song on their that I didn’t know! so I downloaded it, and it’s really good. But I’m going to put the music video below cause I think it’s a really good one, reminded me of one Evanescence did ages ago. It’s pretty good so I recommend it indefinetly!

She always has really nice hair, has anyone figured out how to get their hair wavy like that? It’d be really cool if someone could tell me, and I’d make a Youtube Video and put it up here for those who are more visual learners. She always has nice shoes too! I definitely this autumn want some shoes like hers, definitely.

They always dress her really well in Gossip Girl, it’s a nice change to see her dressed up a little more clothes wise. And I Loved the shoes they put on her in this picture and the coat, she looks really snug and warm but still has her edgy style mixed in with what they’ve given her, which is nice too, that they would keep her edginess. I can’t wait for Gossip Girl to come back on,I’m afraid when it does there will be lots of posts about it!

What to do...

Boyfriend is playing poker… so what to do?
I could do some advertising for my online shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/thefaithboutique
orrr I could do some coursework….
Or I could read the books I got
Or I could watch a film
Or I could find some recipes and stuff so that I can start making a list of the things I’m going to need in order to do the new corner in Etsy
But I simply can’t be bothered, I want a lazy day, I’m just not sure doing what. But the list thing does seem to be the best idea I think, but it’s still bugging me not knowing what to do, and it’s half 9 at night to, which means I shouldn’t start anything noisy or that could take hours to do. So I guess I’ll start the stuff that I listed, but I really can’t be bothered.

Charity Week at the Faith Boutique

From the 24th of July till the 31st! The Faith Boutique will be having a charity week! 10% of anything you buy will be donated to a charity of you’re choice!
I.e. If you buy a $12.99 necklace, then we will donate 10p to a charity of you’re choice!
So jump on board, and get a darling necklace while helping someone else at the same time!
From the 24th of July till the 31st! The Faith Boutique will be having a charity week! 10% of anything you buy will be donated to a charity of you’re choice!I.e. If you buy a $12.99 necklace, then we will donate 10p to a charity of you’re choice!So jump on board, and get a darling necklace while helping someone else at the same time!


10 Things to do this Summer!

Went swimming with Miss Christina Owens today and had a REALLY good time! So We’re going again tomorrow! I’ve also gotten lots done today including some work for some pre-paid stuff! I also just thought I would make a list of the top 10 things I want to do this summer!

1) go camping

2) spend the day at the beach

3) Bike to sandringham

4) have a BBQ

5) go shopping

6) go somewhere outside of Kings Lynn and have a day out.. without shopping!

7) grow out my layers!

8)get a manicure

9) earn lots of money aside from work and pocket money. min. £50.

10) Make my Autumn collection for Etsy over the 6 weeks and find some vintage pieces to sell too!

That’s gonna be hard for me to achieve all of those things but hopefully it will go well! And I’ll keep you updated about them all!


I’m having quite a productive day at the moment, just thought I’d let everyone know. I’ve done some work that I was pre-paid to do for someone, and I’ve relisted there items on Etsy too. and I’m going to upload they’re video soon, so I’ll show you that once I do (:

And I’m also going to try to learn some of my driving theory tonight in time for my driving lesson tomorrow! I REALLY need to get around to passing all my tests and that, since it would probably help.

Also I forgot to tell you earlier, I’ve let my sister plait all my hair after I washed it cause of the chlorine, and I have to sleep like it all night, which is really annoying since it’s making me hot. But I really wanted wavy hair (: If it turns out nice I think I might take a picture to show you all, but I’m doubting that it will but never mind! (UPDATE:...Crimped was in in the 80's wasn't it?)

What a promising start to the 6 weeks!

did you miss that? then let me say it again…
I loveeeeee summer! Loveeeeeeee it! I’m so looking forward to London, and swimming and beach and everything else! I’m just a bit giddy! me and my best friend are getting our bodies in shape too! Cause why start the “beach body” craze until the day before wanting to be beach ready! How silly! You’re all doing it wrong! But never mind!
That title sounds sarcastic and it really isn’t. So today I went swimming of course, and at lunch time sat down the field and really liked it. I liked swimming with my best friend so much that we’re going again tomorrow! Of course it is ruining my hair, but I’ll live! We’re going with some other friends too but I don’t really know them all that well, so it’ll be nice to get to know them too! I wanna sit in the sauna and steam room again! Those things are damn good fun! cept the sweating part, never pleasant! But still! Lovingg it!
Least now that I’m not at school I can get lots of new pictures! which will be awesome!
and I’ve got some extra work lined up too! Which is great! Some extra cash towards my car etc! and other things of course (: So that will keep me in pocket hopefully!
Hope everyone has a great summer!

Art dissertation and my sheet hate of them!

So I’ve only today started my Art dissertation, now I’m telling you now it’s minimum 2000 words.. I complained cause that was too small… my big mouth. I’ve written all I can think to write… 919 words… Not many missing there is there…. oh dear. So tomorrow i’m going to have to go see my Art teacher.But don’t you just hate it when you say oh no that’s too few blah blah… then it turns out that you’ve really stuck you’re foot in it now. I do hate that… mainly cause I always do it. But I just thought I’d let you know that it was going badly.

Btw my art *waits for word to come to her mind* Idea?category?…. >

He's used space suits and has covered them in dyed fabric that he buys at a london market, but it looks really affective I think.

But it’s very hard to write how they have broke structures or something like that. So for now… I am stuck. which is a real pain. oh and Paypal is messed up so I have to wait for the boyfriend to get back from the gym so I can harass him into sorting it since it was done on his account.. Woopy!