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Saturday, 26 February 2011


So I went shopping on Monday in Cambridge with my lovely boyfriend and friends and we saw Paul, I highly recommend this film! It was incredibly amusing and I loved it! I don't often like comedy's because they just mostly involve lots of swearing and blood and stupid plots that I find ridiculous, however Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are amazing and extremely good together! They are just one of those believable comedy duo's that without each other you wonder if they would be so funny! Also unlike most comedy's it isn't all straight forward it does have some nice neat little twists that may not leave you guessing but definitely make it far more interesting! This is a funny and witty comedy that hasn't stumbled by accident into the thriller section or the action section, it is Comedy and it is making it to the top of the Comedy high society! Here is the trailer as a little bit of a teaser! Trust me for a change they didn't put all the funny bits in the Trailer!
Anyway back to the Fashion side! I brought a few pieces, I must admit not all that much! But I still thought that I ought to show you, also these are a few pieces that I've brought recently and forgot to show! 

These are the Camel Pleat Front Shorts from Topshop that are currently retailing at £34.00 and I swear they are worth the money, they look amazing on, the colour is beautiful, I can fit into their size 12 wonderfully, the fabric is to die for! and I can fit into the size 12... This did amaze me since I always think that Topshop has very small sizing and these were leaning to the too big side, I enjoyed the rest of my day knowing this! Women are such simple creatures really it's wonderful to be us!
I also brought the Navy peter pan collar tunic from New Look, it looks so sweet on and was less than £20.00 I did have my eye on a similar style in River Island but I couldn't honestly be that bothered about the colour and really did just want a dress in this style to wear to school so I just chose this one because I have a necklace that will go beautifully with the dress and can't wait to wear it tomorrow! The shoes were also from New Look and I just desperately needed new flats and so decided to buy them since I've noticed that there is a new trend coming in of stripes and such and so thought they would be appropriate and they are also practical which makes a change. I think my boyfriend was awfully impressed to be honest!

Anyone else had any great buys lately? Or found any really cute and different shops online, feel free to share! 


Friday, 25 February 2011

Outfit of the Day...

This isn't really outfit of the day, it's more outfit that I wore today. But that doesn't sound nearly as snazzy. So I've been shopping and brought a Revlon Lipstick, Nail polish and liquid Eye-liner, so expect reviews to be coming up for those! I've also seen a bag I adore in TK Maxx but I don't think I'll get since I'm trying to be more sensible now with my money and sadly I don't think I'll have very many places to take it too, it's more of a holiday go clubbing type bag that is gorgeous! It's a coral colour with that caged metal lattice affect that bags had in December and is gold, it sounds awfully but is so bright and heart warming you can't help but think of Summer! So here's what I wore today, I just wore my skater dress from River Island which is far too low and so I put on a black cami underneath that happens to have a lovely higher lace part and actually worked really well, a thin black belt, black tights and my black boots again. Need to get new boots! Oh and that's my RI Jacket which you've probably seen me wearing before and I really liked these badges that I found on one of my other jackets and thought they were really cute though I've lost my favourite one a while ago, very sad! But I find that badges are the quickest and easiest way to update a jacket and can help give a hint to the style that you want to be as well! I.e. little sailor badges for a nautical feel!

Also any opinion on dying my hair red? Also know any great home hair colouring kits that won't cost me the earth? Since I don't want to pay £40.00 to have it done then realise I don't like it and that I'm stuck with it permanently till it grows out, Thanks! 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Crackle Nail Polish & Other Summery Colours!

On Youtube I follow xsparkage, or something extemely similair to that, and she did a review on the China Glaze Crackle nail polish, I love the look of these! sadly I've not been paid yet and haven't been able to get my hands on any! If your in america you can go to beauty4u.com, I think it is and they have it on there for about £2.43!!! sadly they only ship in the US I think since I couldn't order any, for the rest of us the minimum is £10.00 on Ebay.
However  Opi do have a very similar thing! Although I think she mentioned in the video that they do have fewer shades, but you do only need 1 in order to see if you like the effect!
However China Glaze do seem to have since looking some amazing other colours as well!

(The neon pink one (2nd from the right) is limted edition, and the end one on the right is called Burgundy and is another Barry M one) I really wanted these ones, since bright colours are in, I'd rather wear them on my nails than my clothing, so here are a few great summer ones! I recommend Barry M for bright colours, I wear a lot of their nail polishes however find that they do chip easily however I have this issue with almost every one I have and think it's that I don't let them dry properly because I'm too impatient and because I buy cheap ones, but if you aren't expecting to wear it too much then Barry M is possibly the way to go since they retail for less than £5.00 each and often have offers like 2 for £5.00 on in Boots.(http://www.barrym.com/)
If you want a cheap alternative for the china glaze crackle affect Barry M do also it appears on there website do their own version, since starting this Article I've discovered lots of brands do the crackle effect! therefore I'd hunt around for a nice colour rather than only sticking to a brand. However I must admit that I think personally the Barry M version looks less professional and more like you just scratched some nail polish off, however it may just be the colour.
These nail polishes will look really great when highly contrasted i.e. white and black, or I think when 2 colours are combined i.e. a peachy colour and a lemon yellow! very summery!

Do you know a great nail polish brand? Or have any special tips for making your nail polish stay on longer? then please tell us in the comments! Thank you!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Watches...& This stunning picture!

Now I'm a Massive fan of the big masculine "Gangsta"watches with all the diamonds as stuff even though I don't wear a watch. I've always wanted a masculine watch, I never thought I'd say that I have completely changed my mind and I'd like to be this lady. I saw this on a photo by "The Sartorialist" I absolutely adore the pictures they take and they are beautiful! Very elegant! However her watch does it for me! I love it! It's small, feminine and yet you still look at it and go Wow.... or at least I did. This picture is stunning for so many reasons, the movement I mean just look at the way the skirt and hair blows in the wind, the layering and the setting is just stunning. (http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/)
Opinions on this?! Any one know a really good designer for watches that won't cost me an arm and a leg?! Since I would like to keep my arms to wear the watch on. Thankyou! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

And breathe...Plus, a look I've pulled from NewLook's website

Been forgetting to breathe lately, I'm running around like a headless chicken, the school's computer system has corrupted my memory stick so I've had to wait 3 days to get that fixed, so that's 3 days lost working! However we have PSE day on Wednesday and I'm under the impression that my fuming mother isn't going to go and let me meditate with the loudest Canadian in the world.
Popped into New Look Saturday though and found that they've got some lovely stuff in! I quite like the stuff they have in now and I so know where lots of my pay is going!
On another note, meeting the lovely boyfriend on the 21st (: Very excited!
Anyway back to Fashion... I thought I'd make you another I want type thing but this is a look I've just pulled from the website. New Look also have 10% off for NUS card holders, they did have 20% but I don't know if that is still on any more. Any opinions on the look and such? (: xoxox

Monday, 7 February 2011

Quick blog update

So before I pop off to lesson, I'm off jean shopping today since I've put a minor hole in my others and so can't wear them out really. I've also got 2 interviews tomorrow aswell so I might not update for a few days, but I just thought I'd let you know!
Also has anyone found any really good designers on the ASOS marketplace, that have low prices that could be higher that aren't? I really want some good stuff but I'm almost broke ): Don't you just hate that!

Friday, 4 February 2011


Did a little bit of screen shopping on the ASOS website, and I've seen a few "I want" posts, just saying what people want at the moment and what they like. So I thought I'd make you one.
Do you like this sort of thing, or is there a better way to do it? Any items that you're desperate for at the moment? Also how do you find the ASOS marketplace, I've not really had a look yet just quick wonder throughs? Leave opinions and such in the comments!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jeffrey Campbell

To be honest, I'm a pain for shoes.I love them. With all my heart. However, I'm just overly picky, a bit like with men. I have now found the perfect designer for shoes! I've been following Fashion Toast (http://www.fashiontoast.com/) and I'm always in love with her shoes, and I keep reading that the designer is Jeffrey Campbell (http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-womens-shoes/) and I love them! They actually look beautiful! 
I'm always a bit aware that some shoes meanwhile are beautiful... are kind of impractical. Since I have more impractical shoes than practical, I've changed my new years resolution to only buying practical shoes...It's a pain! however his are! They're expensive, but so beautiful AND attractive! 
Great with tights, and brilliant for summer! See! Practical! The only thing that worries me is the height. But his all seem to have quite a built in part at the front. I've completely forgotten the proper word for that, but nevermind. Does anyone have any opinions on his shoes, or own any?! I am so tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes! Are his comfortable?! 


Wednesday, 2 February 2011


So I've wanted to get a Tattoo for ages..... not like a big one, just a little one somewhere discreet of some wording. I'm not much of a fan of pictures really unless they really meant something to me, though I would like my favourite piece from my first collection tattoo'd on me somewhere, just the sketch, not all colour and stuff, since that would obviously mean a lot to me.
But I was just wondering what people thought of them? or have you got any that you regret? Also have there been any Tattoo's that you've seen and thought, I want that! Leave your reply in the comments!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Romper suit and other things...

So I've actually realised that I have my interview for college soon, the 8th and 9th and that that means I have to miss lessons again... people will be pleased.
On the upside I tried to make a play suit from a dress today, and it went well except my bum is too fat and so I'm having a small issue, however if I lost a bit more weight then it might fit, it really was going to be a lovely play suit, so it's quite a shame. Though I am looking to buy another cheap dress to turn into a romper suit since I feel I only just missed the mark! However my boyfriend is begging me to stop buying clothes, and it is a fair plea I must admit. So I might quit for now, since I don't get paid for a while and I'm fast running out of money, oopsey!
However I have put some jewellery up on my Etsy site :  http://www.etsy.com/shop/thefaithboutique, in case anyone is looking for gifts for anyone or some quirky jewellery.
Also if you want the Tutorial on how I made the play suit then it's here : http://victoryistheonlyoption.blogspot.com/