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Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations Kate & Will!

Congratulations Kate and Will! Did anyone only mean to watch the dress and not the rest? I watched it all despite not wanting to watch it at all, it made me very proud to be British! And we got 2! yes, 2! kisses. Oh, it was beautiful. I did occasionally feel a bit teary honestly it was all so beautiful.

So Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen did design the dress in the end, and I'm so pleased that she did! I don't think it could have turned out better. That dress was definitely fit for a queen! Every body has been saying that she looked like Grace Kelly, and I must agree. When she got to the alter according to the media, William told her she looked beautiful! I want a William! But I'll settle for Harry! The brocade on the skirt and the lace is superb! She really did look the part.

I couldn't help but look at all the fashion, so here is just a ton of pictures of people that I thought looked really good or the fashion was really unusual. 

Just very nice and looks very proper.
Will try to find some better pictures but Beatrice
and her sister looked really nice.
Victoria Beckham's hat is quite interesting, however
 I'm not sure about the general
colour she's wearing,
doesn't seem very weddingy it's too dark I think.
Nick Clegg and Miriam Gonzalez Durantez.
Her dress and hat are so nice, she's a very pretty lady.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cute Stationery

This is less fashion but I've had so much coursework to do lately, and so I thought I'd find some cute stationery to cheer me up a bit when I do do my coursework! Because I'm sure it's not meant to be this much of a chore!
This large notebook is so British and cool! I adore this and they have smaller ones to match as well. I'm seriously considering getting these for when I go to uni. I wouldn't be ashamed to pull these out at all!

Yep! They had the pen to match! How adorable are those! Although I do have a habit of loosing pens, so maybe pens aren't the key investment piece that I should invest in as they won't be much of an investment if I lose the

A5 Blue Blossom Note book
£6.99 from WH Smith's.
This is a really sweet little notebook that is perfect for your handbook, maybe not big enough for note's, but definitely big enough for you to write homework reminder's in and other such things! I definitely need to carry something like this around during school! I'm far too forgetful!
Laura Ashley A4 Ring binder
£4.19 from WH Smith's.
This ring binder is so pretty! I love the contrasting flowers, and Laura Ashley are generally good quality as well so hopefully their stationery will follow in the foot steps of their clothing too. Very modern and sophisticated!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Accessorize your summer bags!

Bags are by no mean feat, cheap! The more beautiful, the more expensive, and ladies, we don't buy cheap! Therefore it is a must, that we get what we can out of the bags! I find myself buying more and more bags simply because I have outfits and no bags. So I've had a little investigation and found some ways to accessorize your bag so that it can go with more outfits!

Bag charms! 
This cute "Crazy horse" one is from Accessorize which is owned by Monsoon, and now does 10% discount to NUS holders, handy! These attach easily to the zips and can be a really fun way to spice your bag up, they're also detachable which means that you can up-date the bag by using the charms and make it better for one season rather than another using them. 
The other one is also quite dainty and very sweet too and again from Accessorize. I have found that they seem to be the best place to get bag accessories from honestly since they specialize a little bit more!

Scarves are another great way. Very chic too! Just tie them around the handle or if their long enough wind around and tie at each end. These are great for handbags and are especially beautiful on fabric bags! I really recommend them on handbags that are fabric based more than leather just because they look as if they should have been there when brought! When your buying the little scarves don't think around your neck scarves, think more of the silky ones that you get to put in your hair, they have great patterns, lovely texture and are the right length. 

If you've got a pocket that you can hook your sunglasses onto then that can be a great way. If you don't often wear sunglasses then I recommend buying some cheap sunglasses in  fun colours i.e. pink or turquoise, and popping them just onto the pocket, they'll give any bag a more sunny feel and  if you really do need them then they are there! Voila! They'll just help give a little bit of a pop to your bag.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Urban, Modern shoes, that anyone can wear!

I really love the shoes that models wear with the unique heel! however they are not practical, the first uneven paving those see and your doomed! heaven forbid that it's down hill! I've been on Aldo's website and actually found a couple and thought I'd show you!
Asos - Miss L-Fire.
These ones gave me a little giggle! Remember on bikes they used to have little baskets weaved like the heels of these shoes? What lovely memories. How very summery and girly they are!
These are very nautical and the thing that makes these is definitely that front platform heel. The wood effect is beautiful. But the shape that that cut out section makes is outstanding! I actually have fallen in love with these!
The perspex heel is amazing. It reminds me of when your swimming under water and look up and it looks so blue and around you it looks clear. I just imagine a little fishy somewhere in that heel. These are my second love and I'm honestly contemplating buying them, I think the art that they hold is just too nice to pass up.

"Inspired from the groovy seventies, these killer heels have what it takes to be the style of the season. They feature wedge platform, round toe, and allover print."
These shoes are so fun, I'm in love with them! they're far more practical and probably easier to walk in. The print is what makes them so fun and quirky! 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Essential Beauty Buys...

We're all getting ready to bare all as the sun starts to shine and summer starts to appear. So here are the top 3 essential beauty buys to help you on your way! 

When your at the beach you don't want to have to wear a ton of make-up, however a little bit can help us feel that bit more confident. Personally I never wear foundation or anything on my skin apart from sun tan lotion when I go to the beach, but for those who want the look of wearing a light foundation. I highly recommend Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF15, it costs roughly £17, however if you wait till there's a sale or promotion on I'm sure you can get it for cheaper or shop around. It disguises open pores and small blemishes as well as protecting your skin against the sun and from becoming dry. It's also quite nice just to wear normally because in Summer no one wants to wear lots of make-up since you just sweat it all off (Disgusting!) the less or lighter you can wear the better, and this is really pleasant to wear and also doesn't smell awful. I have found that others do, although I can't remember there names off the top of my head. 
MaxFactor's Masterpiece Mascara retails at £9.99 (from boots) and I am inlove! with this mascara. I always wear this and haven't really tried anything else since having this. It definitely defines your lashes and it does volumise, maybe not quite to the extent that the fake lashes on the model do, but they are certainly beautiful. I also find that it has the right consistency, I never have stuck together eyelashes because it's too gloopey. If I curl my eyelashes and then use the mascara they can easily touch that bit above your eyelid that fake lashes touch, length isn't an issue with this. On the boots website there are 40 reviews and it has 5 stars, definitely a winner!

The third and final thing I wouldn't go anywhere without and I literally always do carry around in my purse is this Honey trap lip balm by Lush. They can be found on the counter along with some samples and is priced at £1.00. This is really moisturising and I always have really soft lips and it smells nice too. It leaves a nice consistency on your lips and isn't too wet or too sticky, it's just right! The little pot that I've got has lasted me months! I'd say at least half a year! definitely a bargain and I rate this ALOT higher than the "Vaseline" lip balms, they made my lips sore and felt dry! your lips will feel definitely moisturised after using this and not just for a few minutes after either.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Brought a Car!

So as I may have blogged I passed my driving test in February! and once I have my little car I'll be able to take pictures at nicer places and then might manage to up-date this more often! that would be nice! So I've brought a red little Fiat Punto. It's very cute! I'm waiting for the Log book? which because of the royal wedding and bank holidays etc. they are saying won't be till 10th May!!! Ridiculous! But I've brought it anyhow, so this is a picture of what it should look like when I get it! 
Now so far this has been a non-fashion post... but what shoes do you wear to drive in?! So I've been looking and found some cute little flats to put in the back of the car! These are only going to be cheap ones that will never leave the car! except to jump out for more petrol of course! 
New Look
I thought these were really cute for summer! specially since they are easy to sling on and off! Though I'm not too sure on the pink edging, not really a pink person but at least my feet will stay cool! Everyone hates hot feet!
New Look
These soft pumps are really sweet! and the soft fabric should mean that they won't hurt the back of my feet. Sometimes they can be too strong at the back and hurt my little heels ):
  There a bit nautical too which is quite nice!
I love these! The beading at the front is so cool! Kinda native Indian styled. They look really comfy as well? Like you could put them on first time and they'd feel like you'd always had them. I think these wouldn't stay in the car long! They'd soon find themselves going out more than what they were meant to!
I've never worn a pair of these so I'm not sure entirely how suitable they'd be for driving. but I loved! the colour of these ones, such a fun colour! Quite cheap too.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Mac Coat

The Mac coat is a classic! It's timeless and so easy to wear, even Audrey Hepburn wore one in Breakfast at Tiffany's which is one of my favourite films. So if your struggling to find a spring coat then I do quickly suggest a Mac coat. I've just seen this lovely simple one on Asos at £55.00 it is also in a Greeny colour and a Black but I thought that the camel colour seemed a little bit more classic. I'm considering getting this with my birthday money since it seems such a nice colour however I am still searching! for another £10 you can have a swing one but in a way I find that they loose some of their classic style when you change the cut but maybe that's just me being old fashioned! Does anyone else agree? The swing one is very pretty and flirty, but I think that Mac's are supposed to be more sophisticated and womanly than flirty girly? 

There were a few more that caught my eye as well when it comes to Mac's and here they are in their sophisticated glory! A Mac is a definite investment piece, it's stood the test of time and still comes about every year. The pink M&S one definitely throws something new into the mix while keeping the original cut classic.
Mango Armand Trench Coat
Debenhams Petite grey
mid length Mac
£40.00 down to £24.00
There's lots of also really nice vintage coats going at the moment on Asos Market place too, so if you are after one then remember to check out their!
Cotton Rich Single Breasted
Pleated Mac with Belt.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Parisian Look for under £30.

I decided today to do a Parisian look, after I saw, Ines de la Fressange on Vogue.co.uk talking about Karl Lagerfeld. She really does have such an effortless look, I adore it! She's been a former Chanel muse and is currently an ambassador for Roger Vivier. She's done well and she's definitely got style. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Topshop Statement Dresses.Launches 14th April.

"High Octane", "Dress Up","Rock & Roll Cool", "Understated Glamour".
These words have to be a girl's most favourite! I've never heard them and not loved what they entailed. So when I saw this on Topshop's poster, I had to have a decent look. They were telling the truth. I will be investing in one of these pieces for my prom or something. I love them. They also launch a week after my birthday so I should hopefully have some spare cash to buy one with! If you want a dress that you can wear all year round for any unexpected parties you may have or up and coming events that you NEED to look hot for. I'm completely advising this line. They will be well made and beautiful.  
Also for anyone that really enjoys "Behind the Scenes" video's, here is one that came in the e-mail that I got about this. I do love these video's and this does seem to fit the picture that they are trying to give, "High octane fun". I love these promotional video's that companies do, they always look such fun to shoot! 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Birthday Outfit!

So it's my Birthday on Thursday, and I'm so excited! I can't wait for all the lovely presents, and it happens to be student night, so I can go out and get drunk! Yayyy! Expect there to be drunk pictures up lol. So I've got 2 options, I'm going to wear my black bodycon dress, hot pink shoes and my little black jacket. Or my H&M blazer with all the sequins and stuff on, and my black bodycon, and hot pink shoes... My shoes all need re-heeling, and I don't have time to go find a new dress. Depressing! 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chic Summer Look

So I was aiming to incorporate a Chic stripe look, after my other one turned out so bohemian/beachy. I'm not entirely sure that this dress is that brilliant for this look, but it looked great on the model so I'm thinking it's one of those items that looks better on a person than the hanger. I've also fallen in love with this ring and might have to beg my boyfriend for it for my Birthday, I think the colour is just... amazing! So deep and vibrant. The shoes from Topshop I also think are pretty great because they have something cute and girly about them but the colour just means that they go well with everything, I prefer nude shoes to white because they don't show dirt as much and clean shoes are always nicer.