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Friday, 25 February 2011

Outfit of the Day...

This isn't really outfit of the day, it's more outfit that I wore today. But that doesn't sound nearly as snazzy. So I've been shopping and brought a Revlon Lipstick, Nail polish and liquid Eye-liner, so expect reviews to be coming up for those! I've also seen a bag I adore in TK Maxx but I don't think I'll get since I'm trying to be more sensible now with my money and sadly I don't think I'll have very many places to take it too, it's more of a holiday go clubbing type bag that is gorgeous! It's a coral colour with that caged metal lattice affect that bags had in December and is gold, it sounds awfully but is so bright and heart warming you can't help but think of Summer! So here's what I wore today, I just wore my skater dress from River Island which is far too low and so I put on a black cami underneath that happens to have a lovely higher lace part and actually worked really well, a thin black belt, black tights and my black boots again. Need to get new boots! Oh and that's my RI Jacket which you've probably seen me wearing before and I really liked these badges that I found on one of my other jackets and thought they were really cute though I've lost my favourite one a while ago, very sad! But I find that badges are the quickest and easiest way to update a jacket and can help give a hint to the style that you want to be as well! I.e. little sailor badges for a nautical feel!

Also any opinion on dying my hair red? Also know any great home hair colouring kits that won't cost me the earth? Since I don't want to pay £40.00 to have it done then realise I don't like it and that I'm stuck with it permanently till it grows out, Thanks! 

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