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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Crackle Nail Polish & Other Summery Colours!

On Youtube I follow xsparkage, or something extemely similair to that, and she did a review on the China Glaze Crackle nail polish, I love the look of these! sadly I've not been paid yet and haven't been able to get my hands on any! If your in america you can go to beauty4u.com, I think it is and they have it on there for about £2.43!!! sadly they only ship in the US I think since I couldn't order any, for the rest of us the minimum is £10.00 on Ebay.
However  Opi do have a very similar thing! Although I think she mentioned in the video that they do have fewer shades, but you do only need 1 in order to see if you like the effect!
However China Glaze do seem to have since looking some amazing other colours as well!

(The neon pink one (2nd from the right) is limted edition, and the end one on the right is called Burgundy and is another Barry M one) I really wanted these ones, since bright colours are in, I'd rather wear them on my nails than my clothing, so here are a few great summer ones! I recommend Barry M for bright colours, I wear a lot of their nail polishes however find that they do chip easily however I have this issue with almost every one I have and think it's that I don't let them dry properly because I'm too impatient and because I buy cheap ones, but if you aren't expecting to wear it too much then Barry M is possibly the way to go since they retail for less than £5.00 each and often have offers like 2 for £5.00 on in Boots.(http://www.barrym.com/)
If you want a cheap alternative for the china glaze crackle affect Barry M do also it appears on there website do their own version, since starting this Article I've discovered lots of brands do the crackle effect! therefore I'd hunt around for a nice colour rather than only sticking to a brand. However I must admit that I think personally the Barry M version looks less professional and more like you just scratched some nail polish off, however it may just be the colour.
These nail polishes will look really great when highly contrasted i.e. white and black, or I think when 2 colours are combined i.e. a peachy colour and a lemon yellow! very summery!

Do you know a great nail polish brand? Or have any special tips for making your nail polish stay on longer? then please tell us in the comments! Thank you!


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