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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I guess vaguely like this, but in Yellow,
different check and different chains. But you get the Vague idea.
I finally have my inspiration for my dress for my interview! and now I'm raring to go! I found this gorgeous yellow lumberjack type material with grey sort of check in with it, and so I've based my dress on that material and built up around it! It's going to be sort of a punk rock lumberjack! with lots of antique silver chains with little crosses and stuff on, with a glamorous edge as well! I've still got to draw it but it's all up there in my head for definite! I've been driving my mum mad with the idea, and I'm going to start on the beginning pages today after lesson!
I've just got to sort out the dress, and then I'm going to start on the shirt! I'm really quite excited for it! But I'll do a mock drawing of it today and post that so you can all give me a little bit of feed back on it! But as I keep saying, I'm really excited about it! Which is quite good as the other one I think would of been really difficult to actually do but this one does look a little easier to actually put in to practice. I'm also really looking forward to styling it as well! My friend, loves styling too, so I think between us we can get some amazing shots of it! 
I'm also almost done on my night course, last week next monday, and I'm getting really excited! I'm just doing a simple grey a-line skirt, but I think I've enough material to do it again, so I might make another once the course is finished and I might add some little jewels and stuff on to it and make it a little bit more glam! I'm really glad I took up the night course since I really do enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to enrolling in the next one! I've also seen some of the finished articles at the college for the Fashion Design course, and I'm actually not minding so much if I have to go and do a foundation year there or something, since the work they produced their is Uni quality or just below I think and the pictures etc. do look really good. 

Friday, 26 November 2010

What a sad Friday night...

I've a party sunday, so what am I spending my Friday night doing... Coursework, Portfolio work, and nothing fun!
Also Gossip girl and Vampire Diaries aren't airing till the 2nd... I am dying! Literally.... It's not good! Whatever will I do without the beautiful dresses, and the Blair Waldorf take downs?! And little J is back in it?! Get out already! I thought the season wasn't meant to have so much of her, she really bugs me now. Her and Serena mostly... I just don't understand it.. I lost track, is it still over Nate? So Confused! Someone explain!?
Here's the Canadian sneak peak of Gossip girl, season 4, episode 10! Because there's are always better somehow... Eurgh, I couldn't find the Canadian one, but here's one that's just as good!
Also here's one for the Vampire Diaries. Who honestly, wouldn't mind having both?! Stefan's so sweet and protective.. but Damien's... just Bad! Eek!
Throw me over you're shoulder! She's undeserving! 

Save my hair week!

I'm having a "save my hair week". I feel very bad for it since I straighten it every day, so since it's the last couple of weeks of school, I'm just going to tie it up during the week in a little bun and let it get some strength up for the party season! Cause I do hate it when my hair starts to look not nearly as good, since my hair is my crowning feature.
Pretty happy as well since I've not heard anymore from the Uni's which means I can get my 2 projects sorted before I deal with any others... in theory. And I am definitely starting that today! I am considering getting a completely new book to be honest to start my projects in but I'm not sure if it's worth it... It's a pain to decide. I have a portfolio full of drawings and that, but they just aren't that good, and I really want to show them the best. I might try and save the book and do what I can to help it. Actually, yes that will be my small project for the day... save my portfolio...
I've still got my samples to mount in my book as well, even though they aren't the best.... But I'll just write next to them that they are the very first attempts, there fore they should really leave a bigger room for error, and it's not like they are awful, the lines just aren't sewn straight...But yes, it's not that bad.
Also if you're a little new to blogging, or reading blogs. If you want somewhere really good to store them, so that you don't get some weird RSS feed text weird stuff... I don't know what it was but it wasn't helpful at all! Then use BlogLovin! Lots of blogs use it, so you can go on there pages and just click add to bloglovin', but when you sign in to bloglovin it will show all the new posts up! Picture and description and all! It's lovely!
I think I might also write a list of upcoming articles for you all, so that you don't have to listen to my boring rants! But as far as i'm aware of coming up is:
- My jewellery collection (might be interesting to show)
- Favourite lookbook.nu look's 
- Some make-up reviews
- possibly a hair tutorial... possibly....
So lot's to look forward to! and there'll be fewer posts during the week up to christmas, due to work, but I might pre-write some stuff so that I just need to post it for you all, they'll be more stuff like interviews and things like that!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Risk...

Take a Risk. Write down 5 things that you're taking a risk doing! Then next to that write down if you're loving doing it anyway! If you aren't doing at least 10! Then you need to believe in you're dreams more and follow you're heart! I've decided that taking risks is good, and that it's what makes life interesting. One day someone will write my auto-biography and I want to make it as much of an interesting read as I can!
1) Applying to uni... all 5... for Fashion Design... despite that fact that I haven't done the right courses to get onto it and hoping that my sheer determination will get me in.
2) Wearing bright red lipstick and being as fashionable as I can in my little town, that is full of more rude and brightly neoned people than there are normal people.
Follow your Dream, until the sun gives up.
 (sourced from lookbook.nu)
3) Putting my entire future on the line for a dream... I will design.
4) Giving up trying to please people and hoping that my happiness in trying to achieve my dream will please them, since it's no fun pleasing people and getting amazing grades and knowing what the next step is, if you don't want the step. Believe in the unknown.
5) Having the guts to stand out your surroundings, in my case from my family, wearing beautiful rings, all at once on my hands, wearing high shoes where it's not appropriate and looking like I should be in the city. Something I would never have done last year.

If you can't think of minimum 5 things! Take something new up... totally new! If you do art, maybe take up a writing course. If you like art but think you're really bad, take up an art course! If you work on computers, taking up something outdoorsy! Do something unexpected! Even if it is just wearing a bright lipstick that you're a little unsure of, it might just grow on you! Nothing wrong with a little bit of war paint! 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interview with.... Minna from Vietto.

This is another interview for handmade clothing! with Minna from Vietto at Etsy!

How long have you handmade things?
I have made things with my hands almost all my life, my great grandma, grandma and my mum taught me the very basic skills when I was little. 

How did you get into hand making stuff?
I think it's kind of family thing, my great grandma, my granny and my mum have all been crafting as long as I can remember, so I got interested in it too! I have also been really keen on fashion for a long time, so my very first handmade creations were fashion orientated. I used to make clothes for my Barbie dolls,but quite soon I started make clothes also for myself.
What when you were little were you're favorite things to make?
It must have been knitted dresses for my dolls or crocheted jewelry pouches.

Where do you work from? Office space, the lounge, outside?
I have my little studio at my home; it’s really nice to work at home. Only problem is that my projects start to invade to every room we have...

Do you mind you're projects invading into other rooms, or does spreading it out a little help?
Not really, such a waste of time bothering something you can't help... ;)

How do you get you’re inspiration for new products?
Its continuous process, I get new ideas almost all the time. I draw/write them down in my sketch book (or any paper if I don't have my sketch book with me), so I can come back for them later. I use my sketch book as a catalogue, some of the ideas I'll keep working with, some of the ideas need still more thinking. 

What is your most favorite item of clothing you've ever made?
It could be one nice fitting coat made of old black and white graphic curtain fabric I made for myself few years ago, the convertible cape shirt of my latest collection or the craziest neckwarmer of this season, the pom pom cowl. 

Do you remember the first person you ever made something else for? and what was it?
I think I made something like a beanie or a knitted scarf for my mum when I was little, but the first real piece of clothing probably was loose hip-hop style jeans for my little sister.. ;)

Have you got a project in you're head that you've always wanted to do but is maybe a little impractical or something so you've never made it?
I have planned to make a dress of silk and upcycled leather, I have so strong vision of it! It may not be the most practical dress ever but surely gorgeous! :D And I will make it, sooner or later!

Were you brilliant first off, or did it take a few attempts?
I wasn't brilliant in a start, but my dolls didn't complain, haha! Of course it took a very long to get to the level, I dared to make anything for anyone else than myself...

What led you to creating your own business?
It must be the fact that I just have to make things with my hands, I can't help it! A voice in my head forced me to! Seriously, I have a day job with computers, so I have to use my creative energy in something.

Do you think it’s been worth it?
Yeah, absolutely! Of course I still have much work to do for marketing my label, I'm not really good at it at all...

Is there anything you would change?
I would like to have more hours in days... Sometimes I'm just too busy because having two jobs. That's probably one reason for lousy marketing...

Do you get many difficult customers, and if so how do you manage not to yell at them?
I haven't had any difficult customers, and if I had I think I wouldn't yell at them because I'm just too kind person.

Is there any particular reason you started your online shop, apart from you love it?
I have few retailers for my stuff here in Finland, but I thought that it would be a good idea to sell them online; Finland is such a small country! 

What country would you sell in, if you could sell in any country?
What are the things that you most enjoy about owning your own business?
Creative work! To see my idea turning into a piece of clothing, I always keep my mind open for incidents in my designing process, sometimes garments change from my original idea, they may turn out to be even better!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Braided Shirt Reconstruction!

Had a good day, managed to do some work, started again as a bad day but it's gotten really good!
I braided a t-shirt which I've been meaning to do for a while since I saw this video on ThreadBanger.
So I created my own shirt, I don't think I did the cuts big enough which I think is why my braid has pulled my shirt in on itself a little, but I'm going to try again once I've tie-dyed a shirt white and a red color. I'm trying to harass my mum into doing that with me, but we're waiting on the weather really. But at least I managed to design a little bit without destroying the shirt, and I think it would look 

 really nice with a chain ran through as well, or
 something along those lines, and a really
 pretty jewel at the bottom where it finishes
I also went and did some painting for my portfolio for my work of a tulip, to reflect Dior's dresses that were based on Tulips. Since I think they were really well designed. Some times when designers base the items on nature they can either have really yucky colors or can loose the shape and style of the actual plant and not really have much of a connection to it's original form, but these managed to look beautiful and keep the shape. So I'm doing a design copy of that dress and some life drawing etc. and then I want to attempt my own dress that will be inspired from nature hopefully. A daffodil maybe or something like that. Flowers seem a nice one to do because they often have nice shapes or maybe a shell, one of those curved ones. They would be interesting to design from or some shape 
along those lines. Something with lots of color
though like Dior's has, perhaps with a little bit more of a punk rock edge, a few chains and studs? I've also been trying to get an idea together for my Interviews but nothing so far.


Monday, 22 November 2010

An Interview with... Alexandra from Makemeadress

Today, from the wonderful world of Handmade and Vintage! I've interviewed for your pleasure Alexandra from the online Etsy store Makemeadress. She was wonderful to interview so thank you for letting me!

How long have you handmade things?
Since I was a little girl playing with my mum’s fabric box and my grandmother’s huge array of clothes, shoes and just about anything else you could wear.
Black Lace Cocktail Dress - $210.00

Did your grandmother and mother ever encourage you as such or was it more self-driven the need to create?
I wasn't actively encouraged to create but was actively taken to dance classes nearly every day. My grandmother was a dance hostess in the 50's and thought I should be taught properly. I was more interested in the costumes and was eventually told I would be better off designing the costumes than dancing in them! My mother is very creative and is a wonderful support.

Where do you work from? Office space, the lounge, outside?

I'm lucky enough to have a studio where I live.

Do your surroundings reflect how you design?
Not so much, I'm sure if I lived in the city my designs could be a little different but out here in the country I'm able to run away with my imagination

Do you sell in the countryside, or go into London etc. for ideas occasionally?
We always take holidays in cities which are great for ideas and to be around a buzz. Our nearest city Bristol is only a short drive away and is an amazing hub of creativity. 

Little Black Organic Cotton Dress - $190.00

How do you get you’re inspiration for new products?
I am constantly watching old movies, pouring through books on the golden age of design and have an unhealthy addiction to vintage clothing and fabrics. I find inspiration in just about everything and live and breathe dresses all day long.

Is there anything special you do when stuck for an idea or on an item? i.e. walk?
I usually get to a point with each dress where need to step away and not look at it for a few hours. When you have been staring at the same dress for sometimes twelve hours a day, you need to get some perspective. 
I take trips out, we'll go to exhibitions, and there is an excellent fashion museum only an hour away. I watch a lot of films and visit flea markets and vintage shops as much as I can. I love people watching and seeing how people style themselves which is always inspiring.

How did you get into hand making stuff?
I started with textiles at school and went on to study fashion design at university.

Were you brilliant first off, or did it take a few attempts?
It’s taken 27years to be good at what I do; making dresses is a very long and endless process of learning. Every dress is different and there is always a new way to cut a dress. I hope to be brilliant when I'm 90!
Black Lace Peter Pan Dress Collar -$35.00

What led you to creating your own business?
Since graduating I had the option to move to London to work or stay living in the countryside; I chose to stay and as there aren’t many fashion jobs in the countryside I decided to set up my own business.

Do you think it’s been worth it?
Yes! Its hard work but I love every day that I get to work on new commissions and am happiest creating dresses all day long.

Is there anything you would change?
Being more confident to make contacts and network - but I'm working on this.

Do you get many difficult customers, and if so how do you manage not to yell at them?
There is no such thing as a difficult customer just a great challenge!
Of course there have been times but they generally just need some reassurance and everything is fine.

Is there any particular reason you started your online shop, apart from you love it?
Selling on-line has been the best way to reach lots of customers interested in the same vintage look as me. My perfect customers are rarely found walking down the dirt track to our house in the middle of nowhere.

Blue Red Cosmic Print rockabilly Dress Sample -$80.00
If you didn't make dresses what else would you of done?
I would have been a terrible dancer, singer or a very mediocre actress maybe?! I nearly went into fine art but was still sculpting dresses. I like the idea of teaching one day. 

What are the things that you most enjoy about owning your own business? 
I get to work with wonderful customers on their ideas and get to work on dresses every day.

What is your next step for your business or is selling online it?
I'm working on a new collection of bridal gowns which will launch early next year and I will be working with local boutiques selling one of a kind dresses.

Thank you for reading the interview, and be sure to pop along and have a look at what other items they have, there are also the most wonderful clutch bags as well! 


Bad day! to Good Day! to maybe brilliant day?

I woke up in a BAD mood, very bad, which was then worsened by my parents. However, I've been to town and returned my stuff, and then gone to the ATM and found I actually have £30.00 in there, then managed to get my friends and my mothers present, well other part since I brought them both something else as well, for under £10.00. So I've finished some more of my Christmas list and taken my stuff back which was on my list and put myself in a good mood!
This has also led me to a sudden idea of "10 things for under £10.00 for Christmas" But instead of having just items, it'll have lots of clever little tips and idea's too! Since everyone is a little broke at Christmas, and you always get that one person who you don't really like and out of the kindness of you're heart have been nice to all year... and now Karma's being a bitch and they're getting you a present and you've to get them one back of course to keep up the charade (What an awful game it's turned out to be) 
So today I'm hoping to finish more of my list and do some work on my portfolio for my interviews. So at least I've made a start on that, and also to finish some of my coursework for my subjects. I've also discovered why my layout etc. was so funny, the boyfriend had played about with the META Tags... whatever those are while he was SEOing my blog. Which totally threw me, so I just nodded and said thank you for undoing it, sometimes men do talk such weird talk!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

work at 8:30?! On a Sunday?!

I hate how society has become a machine to itself! We love our luxury! We love it when we don't have to work for it just the money to buy it. Ever thought how it got there?! When you go into a shop, how neatly is it laid out? Who picks the clothes up when some awful child throws them on the floor? Or fetches you're size, or does anything. Well it got there somehow. Everything got to where it is somehow, and for the most part it's because of somebody. So today take the time out just to say have a nice day, or something pleasant to someone. Because they will have worked hard to make it look like that. Like being up at 8:30 to get a store ready that doesn't open till 10 ><><
Also had lots of fun in Cambridge yesterday, only brought the jacket I showed you yesterday but had a really nice time except it being cold and VERY foggy!
Also the blogger thing is still old style, anyone know why?! Cause it's really bugging me cause it's putting all of my pictures at the top not in my text! Gahh!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


So went to Cambridge today and almost froze! I've brought a Jacket from H&M that I saw in Vogue that morning, so I'm really pleased I read Vogue before I went! It's a really pretty classic shape!
Sorry for the appalling lay out something is really funny with the editing on blogger, I'm not too sure why but it's gone all old style! Which has totally thrown me.
But I got that and that was it really.
I have given into the jegging thing though. I was utterly against them but I've brought a pair just to throw on in the morning when I'm running late, and they'd be more suitable for some footwear but under all circumstances will long tops be worn with them! That's it for now because the old way of doing this has totally thrown me till tomorrow morning!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Shopping & Travel

Christmas shopping on Saturday in Cambridge tomorrow, so there'll be lots of photo's and drawing for the portfolio. But there won't be much spending since still attempting to save for a car.
I also want a blackberry storm, but I somehow doubt I'll be getting one before my 18th birthday, which is a shame... But I'd rather a car. I've been paid today and of course can now afford everything that I wanted, but am very aware of my want of a car, and so I'm slowly struggling to not spend it. I've already rejected £35.00 worth of Fashion books, which is a shame cause they were really nice. 
Also thank you for who ever viewed my site on Tuesday, I had 40 views in one day which was quite impressive. If you liked the post that was made on the 16th, you need to tell me why so you can all have more! more! more!
There is another interview in the works, it's just being fine tuned and a few more details are being added! I'm also trying to line some more people up for you, and will be trying to get more designers to give feed back as well. I'm also still looking forward to fashion week. It will be quite interested to see the NY one since for the first time it will be held at the Lincoln Centre. Which means hopefully that different things will happen, and will be a nice change for the people that normally attend it. I will definitely be watching, and am hoping to maybe manage to actually get to London Fashion week for a day if I can pull it off. Far as I remember Vogue and Top shop cover it on line, so you can watch it as it happens and up date there websites with pictures of other things that are going on as well. 


Thursday, 18 November 2010


I've had to do some more fashion drawings in my Research book, so here are 3 that I did today, while the boyfriend had run off for Sushi! I also apologize for the bad photographing skills I really need to learn to photograph at decent times of day in decent light. They still need color on some and samples and stuff too.
 This dress was inspired by 2 dresses by Alexander McQueen.
The dress uses the lace sleeves and neck that the cream uses, and then the peacock lace skirt, and also the fullness aswell, while also using the skirt from this yellow dress to create a new dress. Using Red, Cream and Black.

 This picture was inspired by a more Avant Garde style similar to a picture I had previously found but will show you another time.
The above picture is based on Dior's Tulip inspired dress, and just needs colour adding and some samples of materials.
Which I have ordered off a website ( 53 samples to be exact) and will be playing with when they arrive!

Need! Want! Must have! Trousers! Fashion week!

Joules Trousers Fontaine - £79.00
Can't wait to get paid! I'm just putting that one out there, why is it you see everything you could possibly want or need a) right before Christmas b) when you're so broke you can't even afford a latte! I find this an unfair trick! A very cruel one at that! I want these! There are 2 problems, they are expensive ( but I do need them) and... I've small legs! so they'd come about 2 inches lower! This really does wind me up! But they are turned up, so perhaps I could just turn them up again? I really do love them! They're just part of that easy style, and I could happily wear high shoes with them without worrying, I can still wear tights to keep warm under neath, and they would be quite flattering on me, and make a change from jeans. I also adore my other trousers that I have, my mum keeps saying maybe they'll come up in the sale... I'm crying if they don't! I think they're sale starts at midnight on the 26th December... I am in no way shape or form, going to be sad and sit up so I can get them first time they go in the sale... I am, they're worth lack of sleep! I also do like her shoes but I think I might be able to find cheaper versions some where that might be easier to match with them. I do like Joules clothing, they're stuff is well made and while being expensive is extremely British and smart. Everything I enjoy.
I'm also working on my art book today which is fun, and working on idea's for my pieces for my interviews, I'm actually really glad I have to make things for the interview since it's given me a really great project to work on and a little bit of a direction, because I was struggling as I like to have a little reason behind pieces and when I lack direction my work isn't the most brilliant. I'm going to go into school on Monday and take all my books with me and just hide and sit and work on stuff in their. 
I'm also quite excited about fashion week, my mother thinks I'm being silly since they aren't till January, but I love watching them on Topshop.com. I've decided that next year... the year after even, I'm going to attend, no matter what! It'll be for educational reasons of course....


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Quick Update

So a very quick up date! I've got an interview for Falmouth too! Which is great since I feel so much better now! They too want me to do a task for the interview! Which is great... more work to do! So I've asked my mum to help me make a dress, so I think! I'm going to make a black dress and embellish it with little gold chains and little antique gold spikes that I've got on the shoulders and maybe a shoulder pad or two.
I've also changed my mind and am now doing a shirt for Coventry. Lace? Chains? Spikes?... I'm a little lost for idea's I must admit. I'm in 2 minds whether to make one, or just to buy one and customise... maybe I'll eventually decide later.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Interview: Dianescloset

Andy T - lookbook.nu
Showing us how to mix Vintage with new styles and other items.
So I had a snoop around on Etsy.com and here is an interview with Claire from Dianescloset on Etsy.com

She discovered Etsy while searching for jewlery and accessories for her wedding.(Hand made items and blissful weddings do go hand in hand for unique Jewellery for you're once in a life time day!) She was very impressed by the skill and talent of the vendors and bought several pieces that She  wore on her wedding day including a necklace, shrug and clutch. Her wedding dress was her mother's, though altered to fit her specifications and season (her mother got married in the fall, she got married outdoors in the summer). Shortly after her wedding in July, she quit her job to go back to school full time. She was in the process of searching for a part-time job when she saw a vintage suit in a shop window that reminded her so much of the clothes her mother had worn and passed down to her and her sisters. This inspired her to start her own vintage shop on etsy, selling mostly 1960s and 70s clothing like her mother's. She has always been facinated with fashion and if she hadn't chosen to study an academic field, she likes to think she would have gone into the business. She started her shop mid-September and has been working hard collecting, listing and promoting her vintage pieces ever since and she has an amazing collection with currently 49 listed items. she chooses unique items that can be worked into outfits today, giving a good mix of Vintage and new. It's inspiring that she just quit her job and was inspired by something she saw and has done so well at it! 

Me: How long have you handmade things? 
Diane: I've been collecting and wearing vintage clothing since I was a kid.
Me: Where do you work from? Office space, the lounge, outside? 
Diane: I work out of my apartment.
Me: How did you get into hand making stuff? 
Diane: My mother passed down some of her loud 1970s clothing to my sisters and I. We also often went to thrift stores and I loved the thrill of finding wonderful, unique items. I love history (I majored in it in college) and I think that translates into me being drawn to items with history.
Me: Were you brilliant first off, or did it take a few attempts? 
Diane: I've gotten a lot of compliments on my items but sales are still slow since I am new to Etsy.
Me: What led you to creating your own business?
Diane: I recently left my job of three years to pursue a Masters degree full time. I had been searching for part time jobs with no luck when I saw a vintage suit in a shop window that reminded me so much of my mom's vintage clothing. I was inspired to start a shop selling similar items.
Me: Do you think it’s been worth it? 
Diane: So far, it's been awesome!
Me: Is there anything you would change?
 Diane: I would love to have more free time to devote to my shop.
Me: Do you get many difficult customers, and if so how do you manage not to yell at them?
Diane: Like I said, I'm new, but so far all of my customers have been wonderful!
Me: How do you get you’re inspirations for new products? 
Diane: What ever catches my eye!
Me: Is there any particular reason you started your online shop, apart from you love it? 
Vintage Cream Crocheted Jumper - £22.27
Diane: It's a fun way to do share something I love with an awesome community of like-minded people.
Me: What are the things that you most enjoy about owning your own business? 
Diane: The flexibility and the sense of accomplishment.

Plaid Jacket - £15.90

Monday, 15 November 2010

Party Dresses! For this party season!

I love! a good party dress! It can make or break a night if you ask my opinion, you want a gorgeous one... that you don't have to keep pulling up, that isn't too tight and show all those little bumps, and you want it to accentuate all you're good bits. Oh! and of course you've gotta be able to get out of it quick if you catch my drift, that's how good I want my dress to be!

So I've had a little shop around, and these are the top 5 dresses that I will be buying, since from experience there is only so many times you can wear 1 dress before you start to think, if I go naked someone won't notice, if I wear this dress everyone will notice I'm wearing it for the umpteenth time...

Miso Crochet Dress- £32.99
This gorgeous crochet dress is perfect with it's simple pattern and flattering style, it just needs some lovely platform shoes and a couple of accessories and you're off for a party! Perfect for if you're in a rush and need a dress to quickly jazz up for a night out on the town!

Green Jacquard Dress - £55.00, Miss Selfridge
This dress is sensational! It is the perfect grown up dress, whether you want to impress that new man at work that everyone's had they're eye on, or whether you're going out for a sophisticated dinner with friends. This dress just keeps working and working! The colors make it look warm and is a pleasant change to black, without being too bright, it will make you stand out and is easy to accessorise. 

Skater Body Dress - £70.00
Urban Outfitters
Short and sweet, this corset dress by Bitching & Junkfood features a velvet skirt and lace corset top featuring underwired cups, metal button front, thick banded waist and adjustable detachable straps. It's perfect for the edge this party season! The lace looks delicate but rock it with an attitude and you'll be turning heads all night! Show them what you're made of girl!

Cream Peter Pan Smock Dress -£45.00
Miss Selfridge
            This dress is perfect! It's cute and delicate and is perfect for anyone who likes to look a little bit glam during the day but wants to not have to change when going out at night sometimes! Perfect for dinners, or any party where the shortest skirt wins, will love this dress! A dress that every girl needs in her wardrobe!

Miso Chiffon Beaded Dress - £32.99  Republic
This midnight blue dress is sure to have you looking sophisticated all night long. Just be sure that you don't get some beautiful vampire come and whisk you away.. on second thoughts, maybe you should do!

Bloggers: A code of Ethics?

She'd thought the Amity Ville Massacres
 had been bad, but she hadn't been
prepared for the post she had read....

I found this on IFB, there was a post on whether bloggers should have a Code of Ethics after Maura Kelly wrote “Should Fatties Get a Room?”. After reading the post it did make me think...Should we have a code of Ethics? 
I mean we are only broadcasting to those who listen, not to the entire world, and on some blogs so few people see it that it wouldn't even create a ripple in the vast blogging ocean.
But then again, maybe they're should be. People are reading the blogs, are gaining a look at different view points. You wouldn't want them reading a terrorists blog, so why should you want someone to read a post on something unethical? 
We all have a right to speak our mind, but perhaps just as we censor the things we say in real life so as not to offend. Maybe we should censor what we type. I don't mean that you can't ever right anything negative or that shows an opinion that may offend someone. Someone somewhere will always be offended, even if you write that "Valentino is the greatest designer ever" Valentino would love it, other designers wouldn't. It's an opinion but perhaps it's how we write the post that determines how the post is perceived. I mean by all means make fun of things occasionally. I'm not entirely sure yet on my stance of how to go about a Code of Ethics or anything yet but it certainly is a good idea I think. Blogs are meant to be fun to read and informative, they aren't here to slate people and to offend. I think sometimes you just have to re-read what you write and sometimes without meaning to you'll of put something that seems offensive because of how you've worded it. 
Any opinions on a blogger's code of ethics? Any Do's and Don'ts? Any posts that you've seen and thought that they were horrendous and clearly did need a code of ethics?