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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Thursday, 30 September 2010

 This is my new blouse that I brought and absolutely love! I'm gonna wear it tomorrow with my new grey straight jeans, so you'll get to see both my new things at once! How lovely! It was quite cheap too since it was already discounted and then I used my 20% staff discount! So I'm very pleased.
 It was also lovely and sunny today so I thought I'd take a picture of it to remember a sunny day by since it's getting into winter and there won't be much more where that came from till Spring.
Also here is what I wore today, sorry the picture quality is so bad. I don't know why it's gone like that but it's awful! I really do not like it but I can't get it to look better no matter what I do, so I'm afraid I'm a bit stuck with it like that. On the upside I got my Benefit Lip primer, and my Clinique foundation primer that also reduces redness, so I'm quite pleased. I got everything I needed from town, and my friend, Miss Emma had a job interview and got the job which is excellent!

Keep Calm.....

I think the picture pretty much says it all. Just keep calm and carry on! I thought it was very motivational and just good practice to be honest. I really like the "Keep Calm and Carry on" things, they really are quite cool. I think I want a couple of their badges for Christmas if possible. *Yes, I am starting to get excited over Christmas already*
And I've woken up in an incredibly good mood, and am running slightly late too but I'm not to bothered and hopefully will manage to get a decent picture today!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I Did Warn You...

I told you I felt hyped up, I felt so hyped up that I felt it necessary to tidy all of my summer clothes out of my wardrobe! My mother will LOVE me for it! She's been trying to put it off, but least my stuff for my course now fits in the bottom of the wardrobe so my room looks tidier? But here is all the stuff that I've to put in the summer box which we put up in the loft... I hoarde? If that is the right word, I swear I don't wear half of it, probably cause it's size 10, but I'm still so determined that I'll get back into it that I won't give it up! But never mind we all need those encouraging pieces, like the winter shorts that are sitting in my wardrobe that I'm determined to get back into at any cost and make them look good! Only need to loose a little bit of weight for them really but still (:
Anyway here's a picture of my pile of summer clothes lol (:
xoxo and goodbye summer! Hello Autumn!

Rainy Thursday

So it's rained the entire day. Again! which is endlessly frustrating! and it was cold and I've no other jumpers really except my green or grey one, and for some reason the idea of wearing my coat didn't occur to me, which is appalling I think. I also wore my summer dress cause I'm putting them all in the loft and felt the need to wear it one last time! So hopefully soon I'll be able to see what I do and don't have... I've the feeling I lack a lot. But least tomorrow I can go to town and get some sensible pixie boots, and pick up my dry cleaning and my stuff from Boots, and I'm going swimming with my friend after our shop too! I can also sort my discount card out so the day will hopefully be quite a good and productive one, a little like today except the afternoon was quite unproductive again. But at least I'm getting there, and my leisure card came through today, so hopefully I can join the gym soon and also hopefully my Jeans will come too! Hopefully tomorrow, but I doubt it will come that soon.
But I also desperately need an umbrella, cause I got soaked in the small distance from my house to school and I wasn't pleased, I really am like a cat, I HATE the rain! I've also had far too much coffee again and am feeling that work buzz starting to come on again, but I refuse to do anything with it at this time of night.
So here's what I wore today, my favorite Topshop shoes (: The dress is from RI and the necklace too, not that you can see it.

I'm hoping to soon get some batteries for my better camera cause the pictures will look far better and i'll be able to show you stuff far better aswell. But for now this will have to do, I'm also hoping to do some Thrift Store shopping tomorrow, not that Lynn will have anything but you've got to try haven't you?
“Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.” - Coco Chanel.
 This is so true! And I like it, It's very true! If you think that you can't fail then you really can't!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Had my hair dyed today, and went for a darker color, a bit red, than my normal ginger since a change seemed like a cheerful idea, specially after making the notes for the stupid homework that took me all day to do, and then when I came home it STILL took me 2 hours to write the essay, after ringing people up to find what they'd put.. Oh Russia how I hate you!
But today cause I got up late cause  had a lazy day, I've thrown on my H&M jumper and my primark belt (which I meant to tie looser but was far too tired to change from being tight ><) and my leggings and black flats since I don't have any black boots yet to wear with leggings or tights or anything. I really do need a pair but don't seem to be able to find any nice ones, which is a pain! I'm so picky with shoes it's daft! But I think I might treat myself to a pair I saw in Primark on Thursday, when I go into town to pick up my trousers that are dry clean only and I spilt my coffee down and to pick up my lip primer and foundation primer that I ordered from boots. Since I feel like I deserve a treat even if they are a little high, but I can walk in them... They're just not practical but who ever cared about that?
I also tomorrow have to send off my contract for Debenhams otherwise I'm going to miss the deadline, but they shouldn't make it so bloody hard and long winded! And I need to change my personal statement for my UCAS and look into Uni's still. I could also do with a really long sleep but I doubt I'll get that!
It's 22:14 and I've no intention of sleeping till I've done all my corrections for business, taken some photo's to put up with this post and till I've done a little bit of art, or at least moved it so I can get into bed, I might also tidy cause that's what I do when I'm annoyed... I tidy! Which is a productive idea I think.
I've also a driving lesson tomorrow, so hopefully that'll go well and I shan't crash or something! Oh and I'm also going to write now the morning quote, cause I never have the drive to do it in the morning, so I'm going to do it so I just need to sign in and then post it! Such brilliance!

Good morning Quote!

(Valentino with his famous red dresses)
This was a quote from General Sentiment "You have to be so strong, and so brave, to talk to Valentino." and I think this is so true! With anyone who you think is better than you or you admire, you just need to be strong and brave! It's so true about life, you just need to be strong and brave! So today you should do something that you're a little unsure about, take a risk! cause it will pay off, everything does in the end.

Monday, 27 September 2010


So I had my night course and I love it!!! I've taken a picture of a seam I did... and did again, it looks quite cool I think! So I'll upload that along with the pictures of what I wore today, I must admit the top is from Primark so it is a little unforgiving so excuse the little podge lol, But the trousers are from RI as well of as the shoes. But back to the night course, we got in there and had a little bit of paperwork to do and then a chat about who we were etc. and we had to fill in sheets to state our aims etc. and then we got to the sewing machines and I love it! I managed to thread mine up and everything because I do sew a little at home but these were big machines! So yeah this is a little of what we did, and I'll keep you updated and keep posting stuff about it!
I also did a big A3x3 drawing today, that is as big as me! But I'll take a picture of that tomorrow and post it up so you can all see, it's just a fashion drawing that I did from another drawing that was in my art book out of a vogue book for my fine art.
It also drizzled most of the day which was awful, and tomorrow I'm having some of my hair dyed so there will also be a picture of that up tomorrow, and I'm going to try and get my better camera up and running and take some more interesting ones!

So here are the ones for the party I wore Saturday night, I did throw my green jumper on over it as well since it was pretty cold, I also need a new dress to go out in! This is my only one party dress! and my mum brought me some kingfisher? green tights that looked really nice with it too! I think they were from John Lewis but I'm not sure.

This is what I wore today because I got up farrrr to late! I need to start taking pictures in the day when the lighting is better! But the trousers are from RI and are really warm and just generally quite nice, I really want some loafers or Penny high heel loafer type shoes to go with them cause they would look adorable I think! and the top is Primark and the Jumper is a mens Red Herring one but it's really warm, thicker, and keeps the shape better than the ones in New Look! I also need to learn to smile better in Photographs, I apparently have a nice smile but it seems the second I know there's a camera I pull the stupidest smile I can.

This is the seams that I did from my night course that I'm so pleased with!

Starting Night course

Starting my night course for pattern cutting and dressmaking in almost 2 hours and I'm really nervous since I don't know anyone, and I've an over night bag FULL of the stuff I need lol and it's only for 3 hours! Also I'm trying to fill out more of this Debenhams contract! I've never filled out so much medical history or written my signature so much before! But I'll put some photo's up after the course of what I wore today and saturday night if I haven't already, I can't correctly remember at the moment!


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Work on a sunday

So I didn't post yesterday cause I had work at JJB at 9-1 and then Debenhams 1:30-5:30 and then had a party, but there are pictures of what I wore yesterday, and I'm sure I'll find some awful pictures of ones that were taken there when I looked less fresh since we all got really hot in the little hall. But it was a good party anyway, I've work today at 10:30-4:30 too, so I'm a little tired still but I thought I'd better put up a motivational quote for you all to encourage you to get out of bed on this or at least here, drizzly rainy day!

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness; no laziness; no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Lord Chesterfield (1694 - 1773)

Friday, 24 September 2010


I've eaten FAR too much pizza, and that will teach me to listen to my mother, I'm refusing to have dinner, I ate the pizza 2 hours ago and feel so sick, I rather wish to be sick. But never mind it is my own fault.
I also had PSE today, and while writing my personal statement for UCAS, I though I would check and see how many points Kingston wanted, they wanted me to of done Art & Design instead of Fine art which I've done, so I though I'd better ring the admissions office and ask... Historically they've never taken anyone onto a Design course who did fine art, and plainly put, I stand no chance of getting in... and thus that dream fell apart. But I've found some others but I'm still looking for a london based one to be honest even if it would be expensive. University is a bother so far, even if I am excited to go... still a bother for now.
On the other upside I remembered to take pictures today of what I wore! Even though it wasn't anything special, I really should of tried harder.
But here is where they are from etc. Even though it's all last years.
White long sleeved top - Primark
Leggings - M&S (they're thicker and warmer than Primarks whose have an itchy label)
Green Jumper - River Island (last years but very warm)
And my silver ring is from Accessorize and I currently LOVE it! I'm definitely getting into the whole ring things which is quiet nice!
oh and I know the pictures are quite boring, these were back up ones I intended to take some as I walked to town cause they'd be more interested, but not even for you was I walking to town in the torrential rain, so I'm afraid you're stuck with my back up photo's, so apologies for the bad hair and weirddd smile lol.

First morning quote!

"If you throw money out of the window throw it out with joy. Don’t say 'one shouldn’t do that' - that is bourgeois" - Karl Lagerfeld.
This was what he said when told he was a squanderer, and I think it's a good point. If you're going to do something then you may as well enjoy doing it! So what if you end up poor, as long as you enjoyed getting there, does it really matter? I'd rather be poor but no I was happy getting there, than be miserable and rich, wouldn't you?
& no this is not a reason to go throw money out the window, less of course some girl is dressed in 2 belts, one around her waist and one around her chest, in that case you're just pointing out that she seems to be in a certain profession.

So woke up in a pretty good mood, which always happens when I know what I'm gonna wear and for the first day it really does feel like autumn, it looks cold and it's not warm that's for sure! Which always makes dressing easier when you know what the weather is.I also got paid and I'm gonna go into town later to find some lip primer and some little black pixie boots (:

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Failure II.

[The above photo: is from lookbook.nu called the virgin suicides, but I just really liked her dress and hair and thought it would be a nice picture for today]
I looked nice today, but it rained and put me in an awful mood so I'm afraid no photo. But tomorrow there will be! On the upside I found my direction for my art which is going to be the British Identity and I also managed to post the stuff I've been meaning to post for agesssss. And I get paid tomorrow,so I get to buy my black skinnies which are totally needed for my wardrobe and I also need to look for some black pixie boots and do some coursework, though I may just do that tomorrow when I go into school for PSE Day cause I've done all the work.
Oh and also I'm going to buy some rechargable batteries for my proper camera since I don't want to upload bad quality images. and on another note I also got some of my stuff for my night stuff for college, well mum got them for me, and I'm getting really excited now! I hope I'm not the only young person there though cause I'm really worried there all gonna be old people ><
but nevermind, I will put a post up in the morning before I go to school for you all (:
I also just had a thought about the morning post, and every morning the post will have a motivational Quote from someone, just for a bit of cheery morning motivation to get you all going over you're latte's and green tea (:

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


So I keep failing to do these. Which is bad since I always seem to have something to say just not when I want to! So I thought I'd just give you a quick low down of what's been happening, broke up with boyfriend, am broke, now work 2 jobs, plus do 3 a levels and want to re-take 2 exams, which I still need to sort out. I have an ever increasing list of stuff to do! So! I'm going to start making lists and I shan't sleep till the list is done! Which seems a good idea! and on this list... Is blogging! Once a day! for 30 mins at the least, and also posting a picture of what I wear will be one too, I'm afraid most of them will be boring since at the moment I only go to school or go to work, But I will try my best for you!
I've also been doing well recently on my driving and so need to learn more driving theory, so tomorrow I'm going to go to lessons, and take my friend some prospectus's and then sit out in the sunshine and read my driving theory book, sounds a good idea? I'll maybe take some photo's if I can remember, I'll also pop up to the post office so I can post away for my leisure card etc. and yes, as I am writing this I am writing more stuff on my list!
I'm also now going to upload all my photo's off my camera, since I know somewhere on there, there is a picture of what I wore, on the day that I decided I would write about what I wore every day.
I am also excited to tell you that I am getting paid friday, and that I am hoping, though not entirely sure yet, that I am going to buy these shoes! Except no one appears to be selling a pair *is now heartbroken* but these were the shoes!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Year... Fresh Start

I think I say this every year, at the actual New Year, and the start of the new school year, but this time I mean it. Complete fresh start, I will work hard and concentrate and not skip lessons, and I will get amazing grades, and I will go out more, so nothing too bad!
So to do this year:
-Keep loosing weight
-Don't let people aggravate me cause they are silly
-Work during my free's
-Draw more clothing designs
-Blog far better than what I am!
That shouldn't be too hard to do?
Anyway this is day 1:
I've had a pretty rubbish day, a really sucky day, my friend messed up one of my subjects because of a falling out with some girl in the class, and so got us both moved, but that would be breaking the second rule, so I am over it. And I'm retaking 1 side of history and my first Art unit, so not too much extra work...
On the upside I got onto the night course for pattern cutting and dressmaking, so that is really good and has so far made my day. I feel far more confident in my abilities now and my future, which is always important. I've also a friend's party to look forward to aswell, and I've lots of new clothes to pick from to wear. Although I need to get rid of the blisters that I have at the moment really, so I'm about to google and see if I can find anything that will apparently help. Any suggestions girls?
So today was sucky, but I've picked up which is always good, I will also be putting up pictures of what I wear every day and will put as a caption where they are from, since I thought it might be a fun idea.