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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Been at work all day, and it wasn't too bad today, we had chocolate behind the till and they are now significantly down. I have also discovered Ebay... I love it! It combines my competitiveness with my love of shopping! Total heaven! and you can get some absolute bargains on there! I absolutely can't wait to verify my Paypal and such, and start selling on their and buying more stuff. For now my poor boyfriend is footing the bill, it's a good thing he loves me! 
I'm also working on a new project, I found a jacket pattern that I really love and so I'm going to find some pinstriped material, navy and white I think, and make it into a beautiful jacket hopefully! But I'm still trying to find some fabric for now, so it's a bit of a pain, I might wait till I'm next paid and go on a hunt, since my bank account is currently suffering a little....
I've also brought new shoes and a top, I think my mother might kill me!

I'm also going to start up my Etsy business again soon and am going to sell on E-bay as well, starting with all the jewellery that I don't want or wear I think, but mainly for little vintage pieces since I know a lovely antique shop in Ely where you can by some lovely jewellery and think it might be fun to get the train to their once a month, but I'll have to see for now.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

So Sorry!

So sorry I haven't posted again! I got back, and had a 2 day art exam, and then I've been trying super hard to catch up on all my coursework! finally gotten there! So I've been watching all the paris fashion shows, I LOVE LANVIN! just an official warning there. I loved his show! The way he talks about it as well! I think it was absolutely inspiring, and it's really inspired me, to try to make another dress, using bright colours and such!

And these are the wonderful lights that my boyfriend got me agess ago. Isn't he a star!

 I also found this on my camera, it's a jumper dress that I got last year from Topshop, and actually looked really nice on so I was really impressed and thought I'd take a picture! and the ring that I got from my best friend for Christmas which I loveee.

Here are also the promised pictures of my 2 final pieces, my dress and the shirt I made, I'm so sorry for the late viewing, they weren't finished until the night I went away, and I was so tired I just went straight to bed! Falmouth sadly rejected me, but Coventry has given me a place! Yayyy! and I'm really excited to be going there, not heard anything from London or Southhampton yet though, so you never know! The boyfriend wants me in london, so we'll just have to see, but it's still a case of getting the grades and getting offers from where ever I can! The shirt was based on a Cherry blossom branch, and I did on a Mans shirt just because I somewhat prefered how loose it is, though I still have yet to wear it, but I do love it to pieces, as I do with my dress, which has tiny little beading detail on the front, and I might wear tomorrow if I don't have an art lesson!

I hope you loved everything and thanks for all the support with interviews and stuff, and I hope you've all been okay. Anything really good happened for you recently? 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sorry I've not been on lately!

Excuse my lack of activity, I went into full throttle and had to get through so much! I've been exhausted! But can't stop now, I've got my interview for Coventry on Saturday. I think Falmouth one went well but won't know till the end of next week roughly. I've got to dash off for a driving lesson, but I'll come back and tell you all about it and take a picture of what I made, and my next project is a blazer/jacket! 
Got my new course tonight for dressmaking, the bit of paper they sent said skirt, but i thought we were making a shirt, confusing! so I'm going to take my old skirt and finish that off, and everything else as well, so that I can start a new project if so, but I really want to make a new thing! nevermind
xoxo! Also, who saw in Vogue that embellishment is in?! I'm SO! on that train! Eeeek!

Friday, 7 January 2011


So I'm tired from not sleeping, I seem to have gotten into a bad habit of not sleeping till 1am, on the upside this has been beneficial to my school work and has lifted a bit of stress since I can get work done at 1am, so I can spend more time during the day on my portfolio, which is coming together beautifully! I'm actually quite proud of it, I've got lots of pictures to photocopy at some point for it, but it is getting there.
My dress is getting to being finished, and my shirt is getting to being started, which is good, since I now have a backup. I've also decided to use the skirt I made at night class, to go with me, so I'm just making a couple of pages up for that as well for what inspired the fabric etc. It's quite good because the skirt one has a toile and everything unlike the dress and shirt, so hopefully it'll all go okay.
I've also had quite some fun adding in an urban section, and collecting samples and such for that, it's been quite joyous due to the bright bold colours that they often use, though I am hoping to manage to give it quite a glamorous twist if possible, since not sporty people don't have to be sweaty (someone in lynn should tell the other people in lynn that...)
My re-sit on the other hand... not sure, I've only just started revising for it, but I think I'm just going to push it all through and do it in a mad rush like I do everything according to my mother.I've got my friend coming over tonight to do a bit of revision with me, so hopefully that should keep me focused. Currently when I try to focus on revising, I end up wondering if I need more samples etc, so I'm going to take my portfolio to my art teacher today and see what he thinks of it, should be interesting....
My wonderful boyfriend brought me some beautiful lights that I wanted as well to go at the top of my bed, they're a wonderful pick me up, they're green,orange,yellow and a pinky colour, goes brilliantly with my room! I'll post a picture later of them, since I'm starting to get cold, and don't know where this sudden cold snap has come from. either way I need to sadly go get changed into something warmer! despite wearing tights,trousers,a camisole, a top, and a cardigan... maybe santa will lend me something, he always keeps warm on christmas eve when delivering presents? 

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Collection & an update!

Getting quite excited now, the dress is going well, and the shirt has yet to be done but the basic plan is there, bits and pieces for my portfolio for samples are on the way and pages have been designed to be printed at school, a very good start to the year so far despite the fact I think I'm getting Tonsillitis....
However, my Etsy store was always going to have a new range of shirts, I just never got round to it, but now that my interview work is well under way, I'm starting to think a little bit more about it, and I'm getting so excited for it! I'm currently planning a T-shirt that I want to design to perhaps wear to one of my interviews, but it all depends how it does, but I'm very excited for it atm, Black little beads on the shoulders a little bit in the military style, but mainly as an embellishment and to hide wear some chains start, and also a big Chanel logo but done in 1 line of 8mm antique gold studs.
Their is also another project that's on hold that I was inspired by Gok Wan for, on the 4OD beauty site he has some small video's on embellishments, and this one has inspired me on embellishment, Gok Wan's How To Customise: Embellishment, there are 3 other video's but this one I adore! I also have an old lace top, that i brought but turns out to be useless, and I'm wondering about using that for a top and doing one similair to his but a little bit more contrasting!
I'll keep you up-to date on the Etsy shop and the tops, I think I plan to make 10 so far, and then I'll launch the range or it may go down to 7 depending on how I go for time and such, but I wouldn't mind depending on the work load, having them done ready to launch on my birthday (7th April)!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Resolution(s)

So I've thought about this all day! I've decided on my 5! and the first one will be the hardest...
1) No shopping for 4!! months, till I'm 18!
2) Attend all my lessons!
3) Try to make more of my own clothes! I can only buy stuff so that I can make new clothes!
4) Worry about what people think less
5) Really focus on my fashion this year!

1 will be incredibly hard! But hopefully provided I pass my test in March, totally worth it! I'm getting really excited, and badly! want a car, so I'm hoping that if I just keep saving, then I'll get lots of money for my birthday and be able to afford a car!
2, I'm just gonna have to do! I want myself some A's, B's aren't any good to me!
3, this one is my enjoyment one! I've already got lots of projects in the work, but I'm just getting my interviews out the way first, so hopefully soon I'll have the time to start selling clothes on Etsy
4, worry less! Stress is bad for you and gives you wrinkles....
5) my second fun one?

What was everyone else's new years resolutions?!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New year!

This picture is from Lookbook, but I love the train in the background,
that is 2010 leaving the station! 
2010, was a bit sucky tbh! I learnt who my real friends were, which was beneficial but not all that enjoyable, and  generally did nothing memorable! So! 2011! I've lined up to be a great year!
The boyfriend moves to london in exactly 18 days now! Which means I'll soon have someone to do lots of nice things with i.e. go out to dinner, the cinema, shopping (:
I'll have my 2 interviews for university that are now beginning to get in really good shape and the dress has much improved since the last incident of creating 2 right side fronts...
I also have all summer to do exciting things! Like go to the beach, and to France with the boyfriend (:
I'll also turn 18 in April and can't wait to party in London with him (: I'll finally have someone to carry me home when I pass out and to make me coffee in bed in the morning!
I'm quite excited for this year, I worked today which was a rubbish start but it was a good day! I've lots of school work to do but it's getting more and more manageable, so that's looking up too! 
I do love a good fresh start! I'm going to have a new colour put in my hair or something like that too on the 11th!
I've started cleaning out my wardrobe to make way for all my new clothes that I'll collect too! I'm just gonna have a massive spring clean I think later, that's the best idea I think, especially my jewellery draw, because I've lots that I was brought when I was 11, that I'm never ever going to wear now lol, less dolphin earrings turn into a really cool craze? nvm! 
I hope everyone had a really good new years eve and haven't got too much of a hangover today! I'll post my resolutions tomorrow I think!