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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Friday, 31 December 2010

These boots are made for walking...

Eeek! I got the boots that I've been admiring for a while! I went into town with my mum to get some stuff for my shirt etc. and thought I may as well pop into River Island, since I had those vouchers left over from Christmas, and there they were! One pair left, and this usually is something stupid like a size 3, but they were a 6! I'm walking them in over the next couple of days to make sure that they are okay, but I love them! I just thought I'd show you my new baby's! 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Fashionably boring day....

I've had a fairly boring day sadly, I spent last night up again, because I couldn't sleep, my school would love it since all my work will be in on time at this rate. I started the dress... it's not going well, it's a McCalls pattern, and looks lovely and is going well, only I've to match the check up, and it's just a very fiddly pattern! However! I will be making this jacket next, and I'm so excited! These patterns were my mothers, since she used to make herself clothes as well, but these 4 I love, and I really want to make the YSL and Ralph Lauren jackets, but in really fun patterns or something!
I've also got these shirts to use to design with, I think I'm going to use the one with the black strip down the front and the black cuffs, but I love these Shirts! I'm going to obviously do my design on the front, and I'm going to change a couple of the buttons to coloured ones I think. The shirt is top secret for now as well as the dress! On the days of the Interviews I'm going to do it so my blog will post pictures then! Keep it a little bit exciting for you as well!  

Today I've been to Waitrose and not done much else, but here's what I wore, I wore a black jumper from Riverisland, that I got for Christmas, I think the Squirrel is ever so cute and the jumpers actually really nice! I've brought so much stuff from RiverIsland, I'm waiting on 2 hats and a Dress, but I think the dress might go back, I'm not sure yet! Need to stop being an Impulse buyer! The jacket is also from RiverIsland, and my New Look jeans and Dorothy Perkins zip boots. There's also another picture I found on my Camera and I'm not sure if you've seen it before or not, but I thought you may aswell!

Sales!!! How I love thee!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything they wished for! I've still yet to do my Christmas Day page... oh deary but I thought I'd better not fall behind on my posts. Today it drizzled when we went to town, so we went and caught the train to Cambridge! I brought shoes and 2 tops for my interview! The shoes above are from New look for £12.00, although I'm taking them back, since I'd rather have some jeans, and the shoes were meant for school, and I think are a bit too high for school and just aren't as me as I thought.
 I also brought a beautiful classic white shirt from Topshop for £8!!! I was so excited I rang my mother... I also got the brown top to wear on lazy days to chuck on with some jeans and a long necklace or something like that.

I've also brought a lovely dress and top from H&M! I thought the dress was just a little bit sassy with the red top part, and I'd liked it previously and it was only £10! instead of £25.00, so I thought that was a bargain, and the little pinky top was only £4.99! I do love H&M, I don't know where I'd be without them!
I also brought a summery dressing gown from Debenhams, I've seen a couple like it in classic films and the ladies always look so beautiful! Plus it was on sale so for £12.00 it was worth it plus 20% off for my staff discount! It's a lovely silk, and feels lovely on, but I thought since it was summery it was better to get one now rather than when they are all £30.00. I did buy the matching nightdress, but it looks awful on so I'm going to take it back and see if I can't find something that actually fits well!
I didn't really buy that much else, but it weighed a ton lugging it around, but was very worth it! I'll make a Christmas post today as well for you! What was your favourite Christmas present you got?

Sunday, 26 December 2010


So I'm going to properly blog about Christmas tomorrow, but I will tell you that I got a notebook and Love! it! So expect more posts when I'm out and about! I also am quite busy with the prep for my interview, so here are a few clues as to the shirt
Alexander Mcqueen
White Shirt....
Ink drawing
Have fun working that one out lovelies! I'm hoping to have made both by the end of the week! So let's hope that I'll have something to show you by then! Hopefully starting the dress tomorrow! I'll take pictures along the way for you all! But for now I'm off to carry on the work that I've started so far, have fun! Hope you all had a good Christmas and are excited for New Years!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all got what you wanted! And that your looking forward to the new year, as much as I am!
Every year, I decide on 5 things that I want to complete, so that I can finish the year with minimum 5 things finished, so here are mine.
1) To have finished my Skirt that I started for my night course
2) Have gotten photo's for my art book of dresses.
3) Finish my Technology unit for Business Studies
4)To have completed my history homework (never going to happen!)
5) To find an outfit for my interview (probably never will find one!) 

I hope everyone has a really good Christmas, and that you have a good boxing day etc. in case I don't pop on to say so! 

Friday, 24 December 2010

And on the Twelfth day of Christmas...

And on the Twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, love. This entire year, I've been gotten through by my wonderful boyfriend, who has put up with my tantrums, and my being so stressed out and has been so supportive, and still managed to surprise me. So for the 12th day, that's what I want everyone to have, love. Have a good christmas! xoxo

Thursday, 23 December 2010

On the Eleventh day of Christmas....

This bag from Joules, is decidedly fun! I adore it! I'm very much a bag fetishist? I've just made that word up but I don't care, that's just the power of the bag! Who wouldn't notice this beautiful bag!? It's such a summer bag! I find it completely irresistible, I dislike bags made of fabric cause you can't take them to the beach without them looking dirty after I find, and I dislike washing bags, it's silly I think. This bag however is ideal, it's a beautiful color, in a sturdy enough fabric, that even in Autumn when it's that difficult cross over period, where you don't want to let go of all those bright happy items, you can keep this bag and team it with those autumn purples and reds!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

I love this jacket by Hobbs of London, I saw a girl recently with one of these on, with grey leggings and green traditional wellies, and she just looked rather chic, I was a little jealous since one of these would make me look like a farmer instead, but I think if you're tall and slim these look great on! Sort of an effortless country estate chic! 

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

On the Ninth day of Christmas...

I love this advert... I love her enthusiasm, and just what she says and how she walks and everything, I also love the Dior building.
Anyway on the Ninth day of Christmas, I wanted the trousers to the 3rd outfit from the left, I love the navy trousers, especially with the cool floaty top. Diors new collection is quite bright and a little retro I think, very nice! I just wish I had longer legs! The shoes were also amazing in this shoe! And I'm in no way biased to Dior....

Monday, 20 December 2010

On the Eighth day of Christmas...

I so want these! Who doesn't love a red pair of heels?! These ones are from Christian Louboutin's summer 2011 collection called "devalavi", put the word "devil" in there and you so have what these shoes are! They are made to kill! I love the color and everything about these, especially that heel. I can't imagine an occasion when these wouldn't be perfect!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

On the Seventh Day Of Christmas....

Apart from wanting Blake Lively's body, I really wanted this dress by Jenny Packham, even if it is from her 2010 Fall collection! it's got an open back and a central slit on it, plus the print and contrasting marine blue stones!? Something she dreamt up! Plus this dress was so made for Serena's little take down! She always wears the nicest dresses when she's out to get someone!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

On the Sixth day of Christmas....

On the Sixth day of Christmas....

I would of killed for this! A Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011 multi-colored crystal metal clutch bag! I love everything about it! It's such a classical feminine shape but I think the crystals and metal frame give it a lovely contrasting harsher looked. I want oneee!

Friday, 17 December 2010

On the Fifth day of Christmas....

I Love these bags, I don't mean this particular only one, though this is one of my favorites I've seen so far. But satchels, I just suddenly love, despite having hated them during primary school, perhaps cause it was a red colour with a big yellow logo on it for the school... But I think they are so sophisticated and practical, but almost fun in a way that you expect some people to have them and not others i.e. business people... I just love them! This one is from Topshop for £50.00

Thursday, 16 December 2010

On the Fourth day of Christmas...

On the Fourth day of Christmas, I really wanted a pair of Aldo Bregon 4 Buttoned heel shoe boots! I like these because I think it makes a pleasant change from the usual black or brown boots that we see lots of! 

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

On the Third day of Christmas...

I absolutely love these bags! I think they are so different and unique! I'm dying for them to go in the sale so that I can get a couple! I think they would really make a simple outfit really stand out, it's just a really pleasant change to the normal clutch bags that you get. Definitely something for a Clutch bag collector like me to get!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

On the second day of Christmas...

On the second day of Christmas, a Miu Miu coat! (the one on the left) I love ittt! it looks so warm! I always love Miu Miu's looks! they are so clean and fresh! Something I absolutely adore! There shoes are brilliant too! I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes out this/next year for any pieces that I can afford! 

Monday, 13 December 2010

On the First day of christmas...

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a wooden coat stand, to hang my necklaces and shoes from! Brilliant idea or what? I love the thought of an old wooden coat stand in a lovely chic apartment, with just necklaces and shoes and coats thrown on, and ready to grab to go out. My insanity does avail, but when I go to uni I definitely want my own flat with a coat stand in please Santa!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

12 days of Fashion Christmas...

Remember the 12 days of Christmas? That song with the maids, and jumping lords etc. I was a milking maid in that, a very good one till i fell off my 3 legged chair, wouldn't of been so bad, but people could see through the imaginary cow...Nvm I was only 7.
Anyway, I've decided to do a 12 days of Fashion Christmas, pretty much 12 items I would LOVE! Santa to bring, and in return I thought you could post what you would like Santa to bring you! 
This will start on the 13th, right up until the 25th! Providing my maths is correct, which it might not be. So twitter about this as much as you can, and perhaps a little bit of re-blogging? I think the more people we get to do this the better!

Leaps and bounds...

Come on leaps and bounds this week, I got some new trousers, which I've worn all week practically! and I finally sorted out my Re-sit and my Interview which clashed. I also have the new Vogue! Eeek! and I brought Company and realised it was rather rubbish and won't be buying it again.
I've also found my pattern and design! I'm wondering about putting sleeves on it? I also want to put on the top half little gold studs on it, like the ones on my bracelet, and lots of chains! I'm getting really excited and can't wait to start it over the Christmas holiday or sooner! 
My drawings really come on though so I am a very happy person with that! I sorted out my Tax finally and will be getting it back! which is lovely! I also get paid next week so I'm quite excited about that. Oh, and I also finished one of my business coursework bulks, which was pleasant! loads of stress off my shoulders now.I have done lots of work on my portfolio, and it looks pretty good so far! I need to do more experimentation with it though, but it's going good at the moment so I'm quite impressed, I might just do some art work this afternoon for the day instead of going to History, since then my art teacher can see my portfolio and can advise a little which would be good. 

Thursday, 9 December 2010


I've seen lots of photo's this season of people in Wedge boots... I didn't like them... I got a pair.... I will be buying many pairs very soon! They've a habit of looking extremely high!... Something I like, but they all seemed stupidly high, until I put a pair on.. Due to the wedge... not so high after all! I will become a sky scraper one day!
I love these because of the colour and the studs, the end. and for £35 not bad! I also like that the toe is covered as with many they are peep toes, great if you like peep toes... not so good if you really don't. I fall under the latter sadly. Taupe Studded Wedge Boots

I quite like these as well as they are fairly simple, still £35 and still from Boohoo.com. They were also made of Suedette which when you only wear black providing you've lots of different types of material, they look rather amazing, but I do just think they'd go well with anything, skirts, jeans, etc!
For a bit more of a party style I quite like that New look did the one above in some other colours, a paler taupe and a cranberry red sort of coloured, they also did a closed toe version that wasn't as high, which is good for when you're on the go, but also gave you a better choice of colours and was still in a suedette style.
I think these ones are really cute and would go great with jeans or jeggings! They're a little bit more pricey at £65.00 from Asos, but they aren't £300 so it's a lot better I believe. I think people should pay for quality shoes... but not extortionate amounts, especially when you're a student....

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lots of work Done!

I need to learn to think of more interesting titles...
I've managed to do lot's of work thank goodness and here is the picture of my Design page so far for my interview at Falmouth. Please Excuse the weird colouring, the picture was taken in bad light, so I had to play with the contrast and that and this was the best I could get it. I've still not got a sample of the material that inspired me, but it was sort of a yellow and grey lumberjack style check, which I want to make into a feminine dress since the actual material I find the pattern to be a little masculine as is the idea of a lumberjack. I then wanted to add some punk rock chains as shown in the very top right, or some little antique gold studs just in the top section or some little grey sort of jewels as shown on the left. sort of Feminine Vs. Masculine, and a Rock sort of edge Vs. Glamour. I also concidered putting a grey lace over the skirt, but I think that would be far too feminine and ruin it a little, but I've yet to experiment. I also concidered de-constructing it a little, and using grey tulle underneath the skirt to give it some volume but to also leave some to stick out the bottom of the dress, like Alexander Mcqueen did on this yellow dress, since I really like the volume, and I think it looks, how it is swaying quite feminine, but I haven't decided yet. I'm definitely really fired up about this Project and have been finding idea's are coming to me far easier than what they were before. I also want to have it done by Christmas so that I can do some styling with the dress, to show the interviewers that the dress can be worn in lots of different ways, which will be great fun I think.
I also designed another dress yesterday but haven't really had a chance to finish it, so I might do that over the weekend but here it is so far. It's long and I want it to be quite floaty but slender, and I've taken out the back section and a section just over the collarbone, since I wanted something that wasn't very revealing but very subtly oozed sex appeal, so I took away the normal show of legs and cleavage and found a new part to show off, plus backs and collarbones tend to look quite slender. I really want to make this dress, but I think I'm going to need to have a long hard think about it and do it after January since I think it would be quite a task, a good one... but perhaps a little difficult for my skills as yet. I was hoping to do it in a dark red wine sort of color, but I may change it and use very floaty fabrics that are slightly see through maybe, and do it as a summer dress, with some pretty patterned light fabric... not decided yet.

Here's what I've been wearing lately, or that sort of thing... clearly I've not lived in the same outfit! So here are my new boots as well! The photo's don't want to go where I want them to so excuse the new layout...  It's also been snowing here as well! Admittedly in this picture it's more ice than snow... but there was lots of snow! That's all for now! (: xoxo

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gossip Girl! Pattern! and Designed Dress!

Excited! Going to town Friday to get some fabric for the dress and a pattern! I want to make a mock up one as well as the real one, and then I'm moving on to the shirt, though I can't find the style of shirt I want to begin with which is causing a small issue. But I started the drawing and little alterations and things like that.
I've also just watched Gossip Girl! Eek! I don't quite understand what happens at the very end between Chuck and Blair in the limousine though somehow I've not quite got that. But I think they are friends, and I think the pumpkin pie was meant to show that he was the foundations and she was the rest sort of thing... not quite following. mean while hating Juliette, I adored her black dress at the end! The dress was from Cut 25 by Yigal AzrouĆ«l, and I thought was very hot! Especially with the back revealed a little! I love dresses like that! I did, while trying to find the designer of the dress, come across a similair one by Urban Outfitters, least that's where the link took me but I couldn't find the dress on the website, they had it down as " Silence & Noise Ponte Cutout Back Dress" Incase anybody wants to try and find the dress! It was under $30.00 I believe, so roughly £25.00 I think in GBP.

However I loved Blair's dress! And who else is psyched for the Blair & Dan Take Down!? It's been a while since we've seen anything like that! And Blair do something to make Chuck stop being stupid! It breaks my little gold heart!  The dress was from Barney's in New York. I actually really loved this, especially with her Yellow Louis Vuitton Bag! I also always like her hair, she's more me than Serena but Serena does ooze quite a bit of sex appeal which is why I do love the girl! Although really... The Juliette thing, it's bugging me! And again? In a hospital? Little repetitive?

I also drew yesterday a beautiful backless dress, for some reason I thought of it while I was on the WiiFit, but I plan to paint it etc. before letting you see the page! But I really was quite impressed by myself! I think a red sort of colour, a royal red or something like that, Autumny but sophisticated, but not black... or maybe black... maybe multi-coloured! I've not quite decided yet.


Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I guess vaguely like this, but in Yellow,
different check and different chains. But you get the Vague idea.
I finally have my inspiration for my dress for my interview! and now I'm raring to go! I found this gorgeous yellow lumberjack type material with grey sort of check in with it, and so I've based my dress on that material and built up around it! It's going to be sort of a punk rock lumberjack! with lots of antique silver chains with little crosses and stuff on, with a glamorous edge as well! I've still got to draw it but it's all up there in my head for definite! I've been driving my mum mad with the idea, and I'm going to start on the beginning pages today after lesson!
I've just got to sort out the dress, and then I'm going to start on the shirt! I'm really quite excited for it! But I'll do a mock drawing of it today and post that so you can all give me a little bit of feed back on it! But as I keep saying, I'm really excited about it! Which is quite good as the other one I think would of been really difficult to actually do but this one does look a little easier to actually put in to practice. I'm also really looking forward to styling it as well! My friend, loves styling too, so I think between us we can get some amazing shots of it! 
I'm also almost done on my night course, last week next monday, and I'm getting really excited! I'm just doing a simple grey a-line skirt, but I think I've enough material to do it again, so I might make another once the course is finished and I might add some little jewels and stuff on to it and make it a little bit more glam! I'm really glad I took up the night course since I really do enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to enrolling in the next one! I've also seen some of the finished articles at the college for the Fashion Design course, and I'm actually not minding so much if I have to go and do a foundation year there or something, since the work they produced their is Uni quality or just below I think and the pictures etc. do look really good. 

Friday, 26 November 2010

What a sad Friday night...

I've a party sunday, so what am I spending my Friday night doing... Coursework, Portfolio work, and nothing fun!
Also Gossip girl and Vampire Diaries aren't airing till the 2nd... I am dying! Literally.... It's not good! Whatever will I do without the beautiful dresses, and the Blair Waldorf take downs?! And little J is back in it?! Get out already! I thought the season wasn't meant to have so much of her, she really bugs me now. Her and Serena mostly... I just don't understand it.. I lost track, is it still over Nate? So Confused! Someone explain!?
Here's the Canadian sneak peak of Gossip girl, season 4, episode 10! Because there's are always better somehow... Eurgh, I couldn't find the Canadian one, but here's one that's just as good!
Also here's one for the Vampire Diaries. Who honestly, wouldn't mind having both?! Stefan's so sweet and protective.. but Damien's... just Bad! Eek!
Throw me over you're shoulder! She's undeserving! 

Save my hair week!

I'm having a "save my hair week". I feel very bad for it since I straighten it every day, so since it's the last couple of weeks of school, I'm just going to tie it up during the week in a little bun and let it get some strength up for the party season! Cause I do hate it when my hair starts to look not nearly as good, since my hair is my crowning feature.
Pretty happy as well since I've not heard anymore from the Uni's which means I can get my 2 projects sorted before I deal with any others... in theory. And I am definitely starting that today! I am considering getting a completely new book to be honest to start my projects in but I'm not sure if it's worth it... It's a pain to decide. I have a portfolio full of drawings and that, but they just aren't that good, and I really want to show them the best. I might try and save the book and do what I can to help it. Actually, yes that will be my small project for the day... save my portfolio...
I've still got my samples to mount in my book as well, even though they aren't the best.... But I'll just write next to them that they are the very first attempts, there fore they should really leave a bigger room for error, and it's not like they are awful, the lines just aren't sewn straight...But yes, it's not that bad.
Also if you're a little new to blogging, or reading blogs. If you want somewhere really good to store them, so that you don't get some weird RSS feed text weird stuff... I don't know what it was but it wasn't helpful at all! Then use BlogLovin! Lots of blogs use it, so you can go on there pages and just click add to bloglovin', but when you sign in to bloglovin it will show all the new posts up! Picture and description and all! It's lovely!
I think I might also write a list of upcoming articles for you all, so that you don't have to listen to my boring rants! But as far as i'm aware of coming up is:
- My jewellery collection (might be interesting to show)
- Favourite lookbook.nu look's 
- Some make-up reviews
- possibly a hair tutorial... possibly....
So lot's to look forward to! and there'll be fewer posts during the week up to christmas, due to work, but I might pre-write some stuff so that I just need to post it for you all, they'll be more stuff like interviews and things like that!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Risk...

Take a Risk. Write down 5 things that you're taking a risk doing! Then next to that write down if you're loving doing it anyway! If you aren't doing at least 10! Then you need to believe in you're dreams more and follow you're heart! I've decided that taking risks is good, and that it's what makes life interesting. One day someone will write my auto-biography and I want to make it as much of an interesting read as I can!
1) Applying to uni... all 5... for Fashion Design... despite that fact that I haven't done the right courses to get onto it and hoping that my sheer determination will get me in.
2) Wearing bright red lipstick and being as fashionable as I can in my little town, that is full of more rude and brightly neoned people than there are normal people.
Follow your Dream, until the sun gives up.
 (sourced from lookbook.nu)
3) Putting my entire future on the line for a dream... I will design.
4) Giving up trying to please people and hoping that my happiness in trying to achieve my dream will please them, since it's no fun pleasing people and getting amazing grades and knowing what the next step is, if you don't want the step. Believe in the unknown.
5) Having the guts to stand out your surroundings, in my case from my family, wearing beautiful rings, all at once on my hands, wearing high shoes where it's not appropriate and looking like I should be in the city. Something I would never have done last year.

If you can't think of minimum 5 things! Take something new up... totally new! If you do art, maybe take up a writing course. If you like art but think you're really bad, take up an art course! If you work on computers, taking up something outdoorsy! Do something unexpected! Even if it is just wearing a bright lipstick that you're a little unsure of, it might just grow on you! Nothing wrong with a little bit of war paint! 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interview with.... Minna from Vietto.

This is another interview for handmade clothing! with Minna from Vietto at Etsy!

How long have you handmade things?
I have made things with my hands almost all my life, my great grandma, grandma and my mum taught me the very basic skills when I was little. 

How did you get into hand making stuff?
I think it's kind of family thing, my great grandma, my granny and my mum have all been crafting as long as I can remember, so I got interested in it too! I have also been really keen on fashion for a long time, so my very first handmade creations were fashion orientated. I used to make clothes for my Barbie dolls,but quite soon I started make clothes also for myself.
What when you were little were you're favorite things to make?
It must have been knitted dresses for my dolls or crocheted jewelry pouches.

Where do you work from? Office space, the lounge, outside?
I have my little studio at my home; it’s really nice to work at home. Only problem is that my projects start to invade to every room we have...

Do you mind you're projects invading into other rooms, or does spreading it out a little help?
Not really, such a waste of time bothering something you can't help... ;)

How do you get you’re inspiration for new products?
Its continuous process, I get new ideas almost all the time. I draw/write them down in my sketch book (or any paper if I don't have my sketch book with me), so I can come back for them later. I use my sketch book as a catalogue, some of the ideas I'll keep working with, some of the ideas need still more thinking. 

What is your most favorite item of clothing you've ever made?
It could be one nice fitting coat made of old black and white graphic curtain fabric I made for myself few years ago, the convertible cape shirt of my latest collection or the craziest neckwarmer of this season, the pom pom cowl. 

Do you remember the first person you ever made something else for? and what was it?
I think I made something like a beanie or a knitted scarf for my mum when I was little, but the first real piece of clothing probably was loose hip-hop style jeans for my little sister.. ;)

Have you got a project in you're head that you've always wanted to do but is maybe a little impractical or something so you've never made it?
I have planned to make a dress of silk and upcycled leather, I have so strong vision of it! It may not be the most practical dress ever but surely gorgeous! :D And I will make it, sooner or later!

Were you brilliant first off, or did it take a few attempts?
I wasn't brilliant in a start, but my dolls didn't complain, haha! Of course it took a very long to get to the level, I dared to make anything for anyone else than myself...

What led you to creating your own business?
It must be the fact that I just have to make things with my hands, I can't help it! A voice in my head forced me to! Seriously, I have a day job with computers, so I have to use my creative energy in something.

Do you think it’s been worth it?
Yeah, absolutely! Of course I still have much work to do for marketing my label, I'm not really good at it at all...

Is there anything you would change?
I would like to have more hours in days... Sometimes I'm just too busy because having two jobs. That's probably one reason for lousy marketing...

Do you get many difficult customers, and if so how do you manage not to yell at them?
I haven't had any difficult customers, and if I had I think I wouldn't yell at them because I'm just too kind person.

Is there any particular reason you started your online shop, apart from you love it?
I have few retailers for my stuff here in Finland, but I thought that it would be a good idea to sell them online; Finland is such a small country! 

What country would you sell in, if you could sell in any country?
What are the things that you most enjoy about owning your own business?
Creative work! To see my idea turning into a piece of clothing, I always keep my mind open for incidents in my designing process, sometimes garments change from my original idea, they may turn out to be even better!