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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pastel Pink Outfit...

So here's what I wore for school on Friday since I only had 2 lessons and I had the hairdresser's later and couldn't be all that bothered too get changed and I like looking nice when I go to the hairdresser's for some weird reason. The weather also wasn't too bad either which makes a beautiful change! I wish I got to dress up for work, I hate wearing a uniform! It wouldn't be so bad but it's not even flattering. I'm going to try and get a job somewhere where you get to wear the clothing like Topshop or New Look! That would be so cool, possibly Next even since I'm sure they get to wear a nice uniform. Really sorry about the photo quality, it's why I don't use this camera. I will be doing some more outfit posts like this one I think if everyone likes it?

Top - H&M
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins, skinny jeans
Ring - Topshop
Belt- Accessorize
Shoes - New Look
Little white Camisole top - Marks & Spencers. 

I'm also really impressed because while doing this I learnt how to plug my memory card to my old camera straight into my laptop, impressive! 

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