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Friday, 13 May 2011

Shopping and new hair!

So I've been shopping today which is always a sin! I'm now broke! Oh well.... So I brought a satchel bag from Primark for £9.00 just to take shopping with me and such since I was desperate for one and didn't want to wait! So here it is, there is a lovely navy and brown one that I might get as well, and a just plain brown one but I thought this one was a little more versatile and summery because of the colours. 

I also went and had my hair cut and I've been debating for a while now to have my hair dyed red... like 2, 3 years? so quite a while. I saw this and absolutely loved the colour and I thought if I have it done now and don't like it at least it will be out in time for university, so Tuesday my hair will be going to this colour! Any tips for keeping red hair red? Since it's notorious for being hard to do!


  1. that bag looks beautiful, and far more expensive than that. I've got no tips for keeping coloured hair I'm afraid. It looks an awesome colour though.

  2. Thanks! yeah I thought the bag did too! I'm a bit iffy with Primark but they pulled this one off!