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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New year!

This picture is from Lookbook, but I love the train in the background,
that is 2010 leaving the station! 
2010, was a bit sucky tbh! I learnt who my real friends were, which was beneficial but not all that enjoyable, and  generally did nothing memorable! So! 2011! I've lined up to be a great year!
The boyfriend moves to london in exactly 18 days now! Which means I'll soon have someone to do lots of nice things with i.e. go out to dinner, the cinema, shopping (:
I'll have my 2 interviews for university that are now beginning to get in really good shape and the dress has much improved since the last incident of creating 2 right side fronts...
I also have all summer to do exciting things! Like go to the beach, and to France with the boyfriend (:
I'll also turn 18 in April and can't wait to party in London with him (: I'll finally have someone to carry me home when I pass out and to make me coffee in bed in the morning!
I'm quite excited for this year, I worked today which was a rubbish start but it was a good day! I've lots of school work to do but it's getting more and more manageable, so that's looking up too! 
I do love a good fresh start! I'm going to have a new colour put in my hair or something like that too on the 11th!
I've started cleaning out my wardrobe to make way for all my new clothes that I'll collect too! I'm just gonna have a massive spring clean I think later, that's the best idea I think, especially my jewellery draw, because I've lots that I was brought when I was 11, that I'm never ever going to wear now lol, less dolphin earrings turn into a really cool craze? nvm! 
I hope everyone had a really good new years eve and haven't got too much of a hangover today! I'll post my resolutions tomorrow I think! 

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