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Monday, 3 January 2011

New Collection & an update!

Getting quite excited now, the dress is going well, and the shirt has yet to be done but the basic plan is there, bits and pieces for my portfolio for samples are on the way and pages have been designed to be printed at school, a very good start to the year so far despite the fact I think I'm getting Tonsillitis....
However, my Etsy store was always going to have a new range of shirts, I just never got round to it, but now that my interview work is well under way, I'm starting to think a little bit more about it, and I'm getting so excited for it! I'm currently planning a T-shirt that I want to design to perhaps wear to one of my interviews, but it all depends how it does, but I'm very excited for it atm, Black little beads on the shoulders a little bit in the military style, but mainly as an embellishment and to hide wear some chains start, and also a big Chanel logo but done in 1 line of 8mm antique gold studs.
Their is also another project that's on hold that I was inspired by Gok Wan for, on the 4OD beauty site he has some small video's on embellishments, and this one has inspired me on embellishment, Gok Wan's How To Customise: Embellishment, there are 3 other video's but this one I adore! I also have an old lace top, that i brought but turns out to be useless, and I'm wondering about using that for a top and doing one similair to his but a little bit more contrasting!
I'll keep you up-to date on the Etsy shop and the tops, I think I plan to make 10 so far, and then I'll launch the range or it may go down to 7 depending on how I go for time and such, but I wouldn't mind depending on the work load, having them done ready to launch on my birthday (7th April)!

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