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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Resolution(s)

So I've thought about this all day! I've decided on my 5! and the first one will be the hardest...
1) No shopping for 4!! months, till I'm 18!
2) Attend all my lessons!
3) Try to make more of my own clothes! I can only buy stuff so that I can make new clothes!
4) Worry about what people think less
5) Really focus on my fashion this year!

1 will be incredibly hard! But hopefully provided I pass my test in March, totally worth it! I'm getting really excited, and badly! want a car, so I'm hoping that if I just keep saving, then I'll get lots of money for my birthday and be able to afford a car!
2, I'm just gonna have to do! I want myself some A's, B's aren't any good to me!
3, this one is my enjoyment one! I've already got lots of projects in the work, but I'm just getting my interviews out the way first, so hopefully soon I'll have the time to start selling clothes on Etsy
4, worry less! Stress is bad for you and gives you wrinkles....
5) my second fun one?

What was everyone else's new years resolutions?!

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