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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

So Sorry!

So sorry I haven't posted again! I got back, and had a 2 day art exam, and then I've been trying super hard to catch up on all my coursework! finally gotten there! So I've been watching all the paris fashion shows, I LOVE LANVIN! just an official warning there. I loved his show! The way he talks about it as well! I think it was absolutely inspiring, and it's really inspired me, to try to make another dress, using bright colours and such!

And these are the wonderful lights that my boyfriend got me agess ago. Isn't he a star!

 I also found this on my camera, it's a jumper dress that I got last year from Topshop, and actually looked really nice on so I was really impressed and thought I'd take a picture! and the ring that I got from my best friend for Christmas which I loveee.

Here are also the promised pictures of my 2 final pieces, my dress and the shirt I made, I'm so sorry for the late viewing, they weren't finished until the night I went away, and I was so tired I just went straight to bed! Falmouth sadly rejected me, but Coventry has given me a place! Yayyy! and I'm really excited to be going there, not heard anything from London or Southhampton yet though, so you never know! The boyfriend wants me in london, so we'll just have to see, but it's still a case of getting the grades and getting offers from where ever I can! The shirt was based on a Cherry blossom branch, and I did on a Mans shirt just because I somewhat prefered how loose it is, though I still have yet to wear it, but I do love it to pieces, as I do with my dress, which has tiny little beading detail on the front, and I might wear tomorrow if I don't have an art lesson!

I hope you loved everything and thanks for all the support with interviews and stuff, and I hope you've all been okay. Anything really good happened for you recently? 


  1. Good news about Coventry! Love the dress and especially the shirt :) Fingers crossed for your other two uni applications x

  2. Thanks so much! the shirt took me forever to do, I hand sewed all those tiny beads!