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Friday, 7 January 2011


So I'm tired from not sleeping, I seem to have gotten into a bad habit of not sleeping till 1am, on the upside this has been beneficial to my school work and has lifted a bit of stress since I can get work done at 1am, so I can spend more time during the day on my portfolio, which is coming together beautifully! I'm actually quite proud of it, I've got lots of pictures to photocopy at some point for it, but it is getting there.
My dress is getting to being finished, and my shirt is getting to being started, which is good, since I now have a backup. I've also decided to use the skirt I made at night class, to go with me, so I'm just making a couple of pages up for that as well for what inspired the fabric etc. It's quite good because the skirt one has a toile and everything unlike the dress and shirt, so hopefully it'll all go okay.
I've also had quite some fun adding in an urban section, and collecting samples and such for that, it's been quite joyous due to the bright bold colours that they often use, though I am hoping to manage to give it quite a glamorous twist if possible, since not sporty people don't have to be sweaty (someone in lynn should tell the other people in lynn that...)
My re-sit on the other hand... not sure, I've only just started revising for it, but I think I'm just going to push it all through and do it in a mad rush like I do everything according to my mother.I've got my friend coming over tonight to do a bit of revision with me, so hopefully that should keep me focused. Currently when I try to focus on revising, I end up wondering if I need more samples etc, so I'm going to take my portfolio to my art teacher today and see what he thinks of it, should be interesting....
My wonderful boyfriend brought me some beautiful lights that I wanted as well to go at the top of my bed, they're a wonderful pick me up, they're green,orange,yellow and a pinky colour, goes brilliantly with my room! I'll post a picture later of them, since I'm starting to get cold, and don't know where this sudden cold snap has come from. either way I need to sadly go get changed into something warmer! despite wearing tights,trousers,a camisole, a top, and a cardigan... maybe santa will lend me something, he always keeps warm on christmas eve when delivering presents? 

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