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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Art dissertation and my sheet hate of them!

So I’ve only today started my Art dissertation, now I’m telling you now it’s minimum 2000 words.. I complained cause that was too small… my big mouth. I’ve written all I can think to write… 919 words… Not many missing there is there…. oh dear. So tomorrow i’m going to have to go see my Art teacher.But don’t you just hate it when you say oh no that’s too few blah blah… then it turns out that you’ve really stuck you’re foot in it now. I do hate that… mainly cause I always do it. But I just thought I’d let you know that it was going badly.

Btw my art *waits for word to come to her mind* Idea?category?…. >

He's used space suits and has covered them in dyed fabric that he buys at a london market, but it looks really affective I think.

But it’s very hard to write how they have broke structures or something like that. So for now… I am stuck. which is a real pain. oh and Paypal is messed up so I have to wait for the boyfriend to get back from the gym so I can harass him into sorting it since it was done on his account.. Woopy!


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