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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Pretty Reckless!!!

So I Loveeeeeee! The Pretty Reckless! the one with Taylor Momsen in, from gossip girl, she plays jenny humphrey (which I am also in love with) and I’ve tried using Limewire to download the songs for free only to get the live ones, well most of them anyway. So I’ve decided to wait till the album comes out, but don’t you hate that when you have to wait ><
So I just checked HMV again, after going into the official forum for TPR and now they have it under “coming soon” which is brilliant! since before they didn’t have it on there at all!
I also yesterday found the official Vevo chanel for them, and they had a song on their that I didn’t know! so I downloaded it, and it’s really good. But I’m going to put the music video below cause I think it’s a really good one, reminded me of one Evanescence did ages ago. It’s pretty good so I recommend it indefinetly!

She always has really nice hair, has anyone figured out how to get their hair wavy like that? It’d be really cool if someone could tell me, and I’d make a Youtube Video and put it up here for those who are more visual learners. She always has nice shoes too! I definitely this autumn want some shoes like hers, definitely.

They always dress her really well in Gossip Girl, it’s a nice change to see her dressed up a little more clothes wise. And I Loved the shoes they put on her in this picture and the coat, she looks really snug and warm but still has her edgy style mixed in with what they’ve given her, which is nice too, that they would keep her edginess. I can’t wait for Gossip Girl to come back on,I’m afraid when it does there will be lots of posts about it!

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