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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My involuntary internet detox! (With my family… help?!)

Just saw this post – http://courtneygillette.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/get-off-the-internet-my-one-week-detox/

and realised, I’m doing that… but un willingly. I agreed to go on holiday with my family to a cottage in Devon for a week…. and can’t take my falling apart laptop as there will be no internet access…Sugar…..

Now she poses some good questions…

What if someone important does e-mail you?

what about the internet banking?

What if Lady gaga does release a new video? I am a very big fan of her video’s and hate being out of the loop!

And I’m a bit of a facebook addict too!

and how will I check the weather so I know what to wear?!

I just wasn’t cut out for that! I’m one of the most technology savy people you could meet! But I can’t get internet on my phone, I pay through the ROOF for it! and since I will probably have to text/ring abroad already…. I’m dead! I don’t know how I’m going to survive! I have to come up with a plan! I’m just not sure what! I might cry! 7 days, stuck in a cottage, somewhere I don’t know… with my family… NIGHTMARE! And we’re driving up… so HOURS spent in the car! and how am I going to charge my HelloKitty mp3 ): Ohhhh this is getting worse!

Okay… Plan time:

-Find way to charge hellokitty mp3

- find way to have some access to internet

-find some way to not go on the holiday and stay home where you can charge your mp3 and have internet access 24/7?


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