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Friday, 25 March 2011

How to Purge your wardrobe for all those fabulous new buys!

So I was on Vogue's website and found this really helpful article! http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/daily/110324-anna-dello-russo-on-wardrobe-spring.aspx. It's all about spring cleaning your wardrobe. How genius!
The first thing, is to keep only a whole outfit, don't keep the simple sweaters unless you dive for them or they have an amazing fit. Only keep what you know future generations will want to see! ... I've failed already! I've done a little better this year, but every year I throw out a few pieces I never wore, and keep one's I've only worn once, and then throw them out after the following winter. Does anyone else do this, or do I just like to hoarde clothes? 
I have therefore come up with a great idea for what to do with them! Here are some options if you hoarde like me!

1) customize, if it's a simple grey sweater, customize it with little beads, or spray paint on a lace pattern, something to make it more you and interesting! These are from a favourite designer of mine, Ann Sophie back, who is now designing for Top shop. You could so easily do this by just cutting into old jumpers etc and tug at them a little and they soon give this effect. Easy, Cheap, and now you've a new item!

Gok Wan on the channel 4 beauty page, has other great examples but this is my favourite one, and might give you a few ideas to help you get going! 

2) Another great way is too just simply give them to charity, even if they are failed experiments someone will be grateful for them, besides, it's your good deed for the day and means you can do something naughty just to balance it out!

3) If they are a good well known brand or just really good you can try to sell them on Ebay (might be useful to sell a bundle if they're are a few H&M dresses that aren't expensive since people will go mad for a bundle) or if you've other stylish friends you can try to swap pieces with them to gain some new stuff in your wardrobe! This can be really fun to do but not if your the only stylish one as you'll end up just giving them stuff and not getting much useful in return!

Your wardrobe is limitless and doesn't have to be so expensive, so if you get bored of an item just re-invent it! After all it's what the top designers do! If people really like these posts then I might do a few customising video's for you! Have fun!
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  1. I'm always trying to purge my wardrobe but I guess I'm not ruthless enough as its still too full!

  2. Mine is the same! I occasionally purge it down so that things can be moved but it soon returns to bursting point! xoxo