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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Look for under a £100.00 this month!

Okay so this is something I thought I could do monthly! Do give your opinions and such underneath! I really wanted to use the shorts that I brought, however I fear this may have to be re-done since I think it looks awful! I know what top I would have preferred and that would have been the Cream Tab Front Silk Shirt by Topshop  it was similar to that although I can't find it on the website so I may have to go buy it...
However here is the look feel free to give opinions and such please! Also do you like the idea of a monthly look for under £100.00? 


  1. I do like the outfit better with the cream blouse shirt, but the birdie tie blouse is so cute. Love this feature, I love getting inspiration from suggested outfits!

  2. Yeah I find it really helpful! Plus it's easier to spark off idea's when your not rushing to get dressed in the morning! Definitely something I think I'll continue to keep doing!
    If anyone wants a look done with any specific items then please just post a link to the item and I'll base a look around it!