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Monday, 21 March 2011

Vintage & a Competition!/Give Away!

So I've now got my Uni places, and sorted my finance, and my accomodation, and I'm getting good grades. Time for a new project! So I've always had some form of failing little business going on online somewhere, whether it was on Bebo (which was replaced by Myspace), then to Facebook(which replaced Myspace), then to Etsy (which replaced Facebook) (seeing the link to social networking sites and how they lose popularity?) Anyway,so I've always had one somewhere hidden in the depths of the internet.So I've decided to buy up a bunch of Vintage Jewellery and to sell it on my Etsy site, or I may get a new one, I'm not doing anything till I have done some proper research for a change! But I was trying to think of a name?
So I've come up with a plan!
On the 31st March (providing I get any entries) I am going to run a competition to come up with the name for a shop that sells Vintage jewellery and clothing, whoever I like will get one of my pieces before it goes on sale! and a 10% discount voucher for them to use!
So just post in a comment below any name that you see fit and leave an e-mail address for me to get in contact with you! 

GOOD LUCK! xoxo!

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