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Monday, 18 April 2011

Brought a Car!

So as I may have blogged I passed my driving test in February! and once I have my little car I'll be able to take pictures at nicer places and then might manage to up-date this more often! that would be nice! So I've brought a red little Fiat Punto. It's very cute! I'm waiting for the Log book? which because of the royal wedding and bank holidays etc. they are saying won't be till 10th May!!! Ridiculous! But I've brought it anyhow, so this is a picture of what it should look like when I get it! 
Now so far this has been a non-fashion post... but what shoes do you wear to drive in?! So I've been looking and found some cute little flats to put in the back of the car! These are only going to be cheap ones that will never leave the car! except to jump out for more petrol of course! 
New Look
I thought these were really cute for summer! specially since they are easy to sling on and off! Though I'm not too sure on the pink edging, not really a pink person but at least my feet will stay cool! Everyone hates hot feet!
New Look
These soft pumps are really sweet! and the soft fabric should mean that they won't hurt the back of my feet. Sometimes they can be too strong at the back and hurt my little heels ):
  There a bit nautical too which is quite nice!
I love these! The beading at the front is so cool! Kinda native Indian styled. They look really comfy as well? Like you could put them on first time and they'd feel like you'd always had them. I think these wouldn't stay in the car long! They'd soon find themselves going out more than what they were meant to!
I've never worn a pair of these so I'm not sure entirely how suitable they'd be for driving. but I loved! the colour of these ones, such a fun colour! Quite cheap too.


  1. Congrats on your new car, it looks great! I drive in anything but wellies! Those cute stripy flats look perfect :)

  2. oh and just to say I tagged you for the Sunshine award on my blog <3

  3. Congrats on the car!!! It is soo cute!

    Monique xx


  4. Congrats on the new wheels!! I lovelovelovelove the color.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. First, congratulations on passing your driving test. It’s truly an achievement! You made a good choice in choosing a Fiat Punto, by the way. These cars are environmentally friendly, comfortable, low maintenance and fun to drive, which is very ideal for first-time drivers! So how did it serve you for the past few years?

    -Stelle Courney