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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Topshop Statement Dresses.Launches 14th April.

"High Octane", "Dress Up","Rock & Roll Cool", "Understated Glamour".
These words have to be a girl's most favourite! I've never heard them and not loved what they entailed. So when I saw this on Topshop's poster, I had to have a decent look. They were telling the truth. I will be investing in one of these pieces for my prom or something. I love them. They also launch a week after my birthday so I should hopefully have some spare cash to buy one with! If you want a dress that you can wear all year round for any unexpected parties you may have or up and coming events that you NEED to look hot for. I'm completely advising this line. They will be well made and beautiful.  
Also for anyone that really enjoys "Behind the Scenes" video's, here is one that came in the e-mail that I got about this. I do love these video's and this does seem to fit the picture that they are trying to give, "High octane fun". I love these promotional video's that companies do, they always look such fun to shoot! 

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  1. Happy birthday Bethany-Anne! Have a fab day :)
    These dresses look so fun, can't be a stand-out dress!