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Friday, 22 April 2011

Urban, Modern shoes, that anyone can wear!

I really love the shoes that models wear with the unique heel! however they are not practical, the first uneven paving those see and your doomed! heaven forbid that it's down hill! I've been on Aldo's website and actually found a couple and thought I'd show you!
Asos - Miss L-Fire.
These ones gave me a little giggle! Remember on bikes they used to have little baskets weaved like the heels of these shoes? What lovely memories. How very summery and girly they are!
These are very nautical and the thing that makes these is definitely that front platform heel. The wood effect is beautiful. But the shape that that cut out section makes is outstanding! I actually have fallen in love with these!
The perspex heel is amazing. It reminds me of when your swimming under water and look up and it looks so blue and around you it looks clear. I just imagine a little fishy somewhere in that heel. These are my second love and I'm honestly contemplating buying them, I think the art that they hold is just too nice to pass up.

"Inspired from the groovy seventies, these killer heels have what it takes to be the style of the season. They feature wedge platform, round toe, and allover print."
These shoes are so fun, I'm in love with them! they're far more practical and probably easier to walk in. The print is what makes them so fun and quirky! 


  1. such pretty shoes! Love the nautical shoes and the last two. Too many shoes too few occasions...

  2. I love those Aldo wedge platforms!


  3. those nautical shoes are amazing!