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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cute Stationery

This is less fashion but I've had so much coursework to do lately, and so I thought I'd find some cute stationery to cheer me up a bit when I do do my coursework! Because I'm sure it's not meant to be this much of a chore!
This large notebook is so British and cool! I adore this and they have smaller ones to match as well. I'm seriously considering getting these for when I go to uni. I wouldn't be ashamed to pull these out at all!

Yep! They had the pen to match! How adorable are those! Although I do have a habit of loosing pens, so maybe pens aren't the key investment piece that I should invest in as they won't be much of an investment if I lose the

A5 Blue Blossom Note book
£6.99 from WH Smith's.
This is a really sweet little notebook that is perfect for your handbook, maybe not big enough for note's, but definitely big enough for you to write homework reminder's in and other such things! I definitely need to carry something like this around during school! I'm far too forgetful!
Laura Ashley A4 Ring binder
£4.19 from WH Smith's.
This ring binder is so pretty! I love the contrasting flowers, and Laura Ashley are generally good quality as well so hopefully their stationery will follow in the foot steps of their clothing too. Very modern and sophisticated!

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  1. adore a bit of pretty stationary. So sweet!