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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Leaps and bounds...

Come on leaps and bounds this week, I got some new trousers, which I've worn all week practically! and I finally sorted out my Re-sit and my Interview which clashed. I also have the new Vogue! Eeek! and I brought Company and realised it was rather rubbish and won't be buying it again.
I've also found my pattern and design! I'm wondering about putting sleeves on it? I also want to put on the top half little gold studs on it, like the ones on my bracelet, and lots of chains! I'm getting really excited and can't wait to start it over the Christmas holiday or sooner! 
My drawings really come on though so I am a very happy person with that! I sorted out my Tax finally and will be getting it back! which is lovely! I also get paid next week so I'm quite excited about that. Oh, and I also finished one of my business coursework bulks, which was pleasant! loads of stress off my shoulders now.I have done lots of work on my portfolio, and it looks pretty good so far! I need to do more experimentation with it though, but it's going good at the moment so I'm quite impressed, I might just do some art work this afternoon for the day instead of going to History, since then my art teacher can see my portfolio and can advise a little which would be good. 

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