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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sales!!! How I love thee!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything they wished for! I've still yet to do my Christmas Day page... oh deary but I thought I'd better not fall behind on my posts. Today it drizzled when we went to town, so we went and caught the train to Cambridge! I brought shoes and 2 tops for my interview! The shoes above are from New look for £12.00, although I'm taking them back, since I'd rather have some jeans, and the shoes were meant for school, and I think are a bit too high for school and just aren't as me as I thought.
 I also brought a beautiful classic white shirt from Topshop for £8!!! I was so excited I rang my mother... I also got the brown top to wear on lazy days to chuck on with some jeans and a long necklace or something like that.

I've also brought a lovely dress and top from H&M! I thought the dress was just a little bit sassy with the red top part, and I'd liked it previously and it was only £10! instead of £25.00, so I thought that was a bargain, and the little pinky top was only £4.99! I do love H&M, I don't know where I'd be without them!
I also brought a summery dressing gown from Debenhams, I've seen a couple like it in classic films and the ladies always look so beautiful! Plus it was on sale so for £12.00 it was worth it plus 20% off for my staff discount! It's a lovely silk, and feels lovely on, but I thought since it was summery it was better to get one now rather than when they are all £30.00. I did buy the matching nightdress, but it looks awful on so I'm going to take it back and see if I can't find something that actually fits well!
I didn't really buy that much else, but it weighed a ton lugging it around, but was very worth it! I'll make a Christmas post today as well for you! What was your favourite Christmas present you got?

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