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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gossip Girl! Pattern! and Designed Dress!

Excited! Going to town Friday to get some fabric for the dress and a pattern! I want to make a mock up one as well as the real one, and then I'm moving on to the shirt, though I can't find the style of shirt I want to begin with which is causing a small issue. But I started the drawing and little alterations and things like that.
I've also just watched Gossip Girl! Eek! I don't quite understand what happens at the very end between Chuck and Blair in the limousine though somehow I've not quite got that. But I think they are friends, and I think the pumpkin pie was meant to show that he was the foundations and she was the rest sort of thing... not quite following. mean while hating Juliette, I adored her black dress at the end! The dress was from Cut 25 by Yigal AzrouĆ«l, and I thought was very hot! Especially with the back revealed a little! I love dresses like that! I did, while trying to find the designer of the dress, come across a similair one by Urban Outfitters, least that's where the link took me but I couldn't find the dress on the website, they had it down as " Silence & Noise Ponte Cutout Back Dress" Incase anybody wants to try and find the dress! It was under $30.00 I believe, so roughly £25.00 I think in GBP.

However I loved Blair's dress! And who else is psyched for the Blair & Dan Take Down!? It's been a while since we've seen anything like that! And Blair do something to make Chuck stop being stupid! It breaks my little gold heart!  The dress was from Barney's in New York. I actually really loved this, especially with her Yellow Louis Vuitton Bag! I also always like her hair, she's more me than Serena but Serena does ooze quite a bit of sex appeal which is why I do love the girl! Although really... The Juliette thing, it's bugging me! And again? In a hospital? Little repetitive?

I also drew yesterday a beautiful backless dress, for some reason I thought of it while I was on the WiiFit, but I plan to paint it etc. before letting you see the page! But I really was quite impressed by myself! I think a red sort of colour, a royal red or something like that, Autumny but sophisticated, but not black... or maybe black... maybe multi-coloured! I've not quite decided yet.


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