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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lots of work Done!

I need to learn to think of more interesting titles...
I've managed to do lot's of work thank goodness and here is the picture of my Design page so far for my interview at Falmouth. Please Excuse the weird colouring, the picture was taken in bad light, so I had to play with the contrast and that and this was the best I could get it. I've still not got a sample of the material that inspired me, but it was sort of a yellow and grey lumberjack style check, which I want to make into a feminine dress since the actual material I find the pattern to be a little masculine as is the idea of a lumberjack. I then wanted to add some punk rock chains as shown in the very top right, or some little antique gold studs just in the top section or some little grey sort of jewels as shown on the left. sort of Feminine Vs. Masculine, and a Rock sort of edge Vs. Glamour. I also concidered putting a grey lace over the skirt, but I think that would be far too feminine and ruin it a little, but I've yet to experiment. I also concidered de-constructing it a little, and using grey tulle underneath the skirt to give it some volume but to also leave some to stick out the bottom of the dress, like Alexander Mcqueen did on this yellow dress, since I really like the volume, and I think it looks, how it is swaying quite feminine, but I haven't decided yet. I'm definitely really fired up about this Project and have been finding idea's are coming to me far easier than what they were before. I also want to have it done by Christmas so that I can do some styling with the dress, to show the interviewers that the dress can be worn in lots of different ways, which will be great fun I think.
I also designed another dress yesterday but haven't really had a chance to finish it, so I might do that over the weekend but here it is so far. It's long and I want it to be quite floaty but slender, and I've taken out the back section and a section just over the collarbone, since I wanted something that wasn't very revealing but very subtly oozed sex appeal, so I took away the normal show of legs and cleavage and found a new part to show off, plus backs and collarbones tend to look quite slender. I really want to make this dress, but I think I'm going to need to have a long hard think about it and do it after January since I think it would be quite a task, a good one... but perhaps a little difficult for my skills as yet. I was hoping to do it in a dark red wine sort of color, but I may change it and use very floaty fabrics that are slightly see through maybe, and do it as a summer dress, with some pretty patterned light fabric... not decided yet.

Here's what I've been wearing lately, or that sort of thing... clearly I've not lived in the same outfit! So here are my new boots as well! The photo's don't want to go where I want them to so excuse the new layout...  It's also been snowing here as well! Admittedly in this picture it's more ice than snow... but there was lots of snow! That's all for now! (: xoxo

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