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Thursday, 9 December 2010


I've seen lots of photo's this season of people in Wedge boots... I didn't like them... I got a pair.... I will be buying many pairs very soon! They've a habit of looking extremely high!... Something I like, but they all seemed stupidly high, until I put a pair on.. Due to the wedge... not so high after all! I will become a sky scraper one day!
I love these because of the colour and the studs, the end. and for £35 not bad! I also like that the toe is covered as with many they are peep toes, great if you like peep toes... not so good if you really don't. I fall under the latter sadly. Taupe Studded Wedge Boots

I quite like these as well as they are fairly simple, still £35 and still from Boohoo.com. They were also made of Suedette which when you only wear black providing you've lots of different types of material, they look rather amazing, but I do just think they'd go well with anything, skirts, jeans, etc!
For a bit more of a party style I quite like that New look did the one above in some other colours, a paler taupe and a cranberry red sort of coloured, they also did a closed toe version that wasn't as high, which is good for when you're on the go, but also gave you a better choice of colours and was still in a suedette style.
I think these ones are really cute and would go great with jeans or jeggings! They're a little bit more pricey at £65.00 from Asos, but they aren't £300 so it's a lot better I believe. I think people should pay for quality shoes... but not extortionate amounts, especially when you're a student....

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