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Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Fashionably boring day....

I've had a fairly boring day sadly, I spent last night up again, because I couldn't sleep, my school would love it since all my work will be in on time at this rate. I started the dress... it's not going well, it's a McCalls pattern, and looks lovely and is going well, only I've to match the check up, and it's just a very fiddly pattern! However! I will be making this jacket next, and I'm so excited! These patterns were my mothers, since she used to make herself clothes as well, but these 4 I love, and I really want to make the YSL and Ralph Lauren jackets, but in really fun patterns or something!
I've also got these shirts to use to design with, I think I'm going to use the one with the black strip down the front and the black cuffs, but I love these Shirts! I'm going to obviously do my design on the front, and I'm going to change a couple of the buttons to coloured ones I think. The shirt is top secret for now as well as the dress! On the days of the Interviews I'm going to do it so my blog will post pictures then! Keep it a little bit exciting for you as well!  

Today I've been to Waitrose and not done much else, but here's what I wore, I wore a black jumper from Riverisland, that I got for Christmas, I think the Squirrel is ever so cute and the jumpers actually really nice! I've brought so much stuff from RiverIsland, I'm waiting on 2 hats and a Dress, but I think the dress might go back, I'm not sure yet! Need to stop being an Impulse buyer! The jacket is also from RiverIsland, and my New Look jeans and Dorothy Perkins zip boots. There's also another picture I found on my Camera and I'm not sure if you've seen it before or not, but I thought you may aswell!

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