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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I Did Warn You...

I told you I felt hyped up, I felt so hyped up that I felt it necessary to tidy all of my summer clothes out of my wardrobe! My mother will LOVE me for it! She's been trying to put it off, but least my stuff for my course now fits in the bottom of the wardrobe so my room looks tidier? But here is all the stuff that I've to put in the summer box which we put up in the loft... I hoarde? If that is the right word, I swear I don't wear half of it, probably cause it's size 10, but I'm still so determined that I'll get back into it that I won't give it up! But never mind we all need those encouraging pieces, like the winter shorts that are sitting in my wardrobe that I'm determined to get back into at any cost and make them look good! Only need to loose a little bit of weight for them really but still (:
Anyway here's a picture of my pile of summer clothes lol (:
xoxo and goodbye summer! Hello Autumn!

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