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Friday, 24 September 2010


I've eaten FAR too much pizza, and that will teach me to listen to my mother, I'm refusing to have dinner, I ate the pizza 2 hours ago and feel so sick, I rather wish to be sick. But never mind it is my own fault.
I also had PSE today, and while writing my personal statement for UCAS, I though I would check and see how many points Kingston wanted, they wanted me to of done Art & Design instead of Fine art which I've done, so I though I'd better ring the admissions office and ask... Historically they've never taken anyone onto a Design course who did fine art, and plainly put, I stand no chance of getting in... and thus that dream fell apart. But I've found some others but I'm still looking for a london based one to be honest even if it would be expensive. University is a bother so far, even if I am excited to go... still a bother for now.
On the other upside I remembered to take pictures today of what I wore! Even though it wasn't anything special, I really should of tried harder.
But here is where they are from etc. Even though it's all last years.
White long sleeved top - Primark
Leggings - M&S (they're thicker and warmer than Primarks whose have an itchy label)
Green Jumper - River Island (last years but very warm)
And my silver ring is from Accessorize and I currently LOVE it! I'm definitely getting into the whole ring things which is quiet nice!
oh and I know the pictures are quite boring, these were back up ones I intended to take some as I walked to town cause they'd be more interested, but not even for you was I walking to town in the torrential rain, so I'm afraid you're stuck with my back up photo's, so apologies for the bad hair and weirddd smile lol.

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