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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Year... Fresh Start

I think I say this every year, at the actual New Year, and the start of the new school year, but this time I mean it. Complete fresh start, I will work hard and concentrate and not skip lessons, and I will get amazing grades, and I will go out more, so nothing too bad!
So to do this year:
-Keep loosing weight
-Don't let people aggravate me cause they are silly
-Work during my free's
-Draw more clothing designs
-Blog far better than what I am!
That shouldn't be too hard to do?
Anyway this is day 1:
I've had a pretty rubbish day, a really sucky day, my friend messed up one of my subjects because of a falling out with some girl in the class, and so got us both moved, but that would be breaking the second rule, so I am over it. And I'm retaking 1 side of history and my first Art unit, so not too much extra work...
On the upside I got onto the night course for pattern cutting and dressmaking, so that is really good and has so far made my day. I feel far more confident in my abilities now and my future, which is always important. I've also a friend's party to look forward to aswell, and I've lots of new clothes to pick from to wear. Although I need to get rid of the blisters that I have at the moment really, so I'm about to google and see if I can find anything that will apparently help. Any suggestions girls?
So today was sucky, but I've picked up which is always good, I will also be putting up pictures of what I wear every day and will put as a caption where they are from, since I thought it might be a fun idea.


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