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Monday, 27 September 2010


So I had my night course and I love it!!! I've taken a picture of a seam I did... and did again, it looks quite cool I think! So I'll upload that along with the pictures of what I wore today, I must admit the top is from Primark so it is a little unforgiving so excuse the little podge lol, But the trousers are from RI as well of as the shoes. But back to the night course, we got in there and had a little bit of paperwork to do and then a chat about who we were etc. and we had to fill in sheets to state our aims etc. and then we got to the sewing machines and I love it! I managed to thread mine up and everything because I do sew a little at home but these were big machines! So yeah this is a little of what we did, and I'll keep you updated and keep posting stuff about it!
I also did a big A3x3 drawing today, that is as big as me! But I'll take a picture of that tomorrow and post it up so you can all see, it's just a fashion drawing that I did from another drawing that was in my art book out of a vogue book for my fine art.
It also drizzled most of the day which was awful, and tomorrow I'm having some of my hair dyed so there will also be a picture of that up tomorrow, and I'm going to try and get my better camera up and running and take some more interesting ones!

So here are the ones for the party I wore Saturday night, I did throw my green jumper on over it as well since it was pretty cold, I also need a new dress to go out in! This is my only one party dress! and my mum brought me some kingfisher? green tights that looked really nice with it too! I think they were from John Lewis but I'm not sure.

This is what I wore today because I got up farrrr to late! I need to start taking pictures in the day when the lighting is better! But the trousers are from RI and are really warm and just generally quite nice, I really want some loafers or Penny high heel loafer type shoes to go with them cause they would look adorable I think! and the top is Primark and the Jumper is a mens Red Herring one but it's really warm, thicker, and keeps the shape better than the ones in New Look! I also need to learn to smile better in Photographs, I apparently have a nice smile but it seems the second I know there's a camera I pull the stupidest smile I can.

This is the seams that I did from my night course that I'm so pleased with!

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