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Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. - Miss Blair Waldorf

Friday, 24 September 2010

First morning quote!

"If you throw money out of the window throw it out with joy. Don’t say 'one shouldn’t do that' - that is bourgeois" - Karl Lagerfeld.
This was what he said when told he was a squanderer, and I think it's a good point. If you're going to do something then you may as well enjoy doing it! So what if you end up poor, as long as you enjoyed getting there, does it really matter? I'd rather be poor but no I was happy getting there, than be miserable and rich, wouldn't you?
& no this is not a reason to go throw money out the window, less of course some girl is dressed in 2 belts, one around her waist and one around her chest, in that case you're just pointing out that she seems to be in a certain profession.

So woke up in a pretty good mood, which always happens when I know what I'm gonna wear and for the first day it really does feel like autumn, it looks cold and it's not warm that's for sure! Which always makes dressing easier when you know what the weather is.I also got paid and I'm gonna go into town later to find some lip primer and some little black pixie boots (:

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