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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Rainy Thursday

So it's rained the entire day. Again! which is endlessly frustrating! and it was cold and I've no other jumpers really except my green or grey one, and for some reason the idea of wearing my coat didn't occur to me, which is appalling I think. I also wore my summer dress cause I'm putting them all in the loft and felt the need to wear it one last time! So hopefully soon I'll be able to see what I do and don't have... I've the feeling I lack a lot. But least tomorrow I can go to town and get some sensible pixie boots, and pick up my dry cleaning and my stuff from Boots, and I'm going swimming with my friend after our shop too! I can also sort my discount card out so the day will hopefully be quite a good and productive one, a little like today except the afternoon was quite unproductive again. But at least I'm getting there, and my leisure card came through today, so hopefully I can join the gym soon and also hopefully my Jeans will come too! Hopefully tomorrow, but I doubt it will come that soon.
But I also desperately need an umbrella, cause I got soaked in the small distance from my house to school and I wasn't pleased, I really am like a cat, I HATE the rain! I've also had far too much coffee again and am feeling that work buzz starting to come on again, but I refuse to do anything with it at this time of night.
So here's what I wore today, my favorite Topshop shoes (: The dress is from RI and the necklace too, not that you can see it.

I'm hoping to soon get some batteries for my better camera cause the pictures will look far better and i'll be able to show you stuff far better aswell. But for now this will have to do, I'm also hoping to do some Thrift Store shopping tomorrow, not that Lynn will have anything but you've got to try haven't you?

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