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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I guess vaguely like this, but in Yellow,
different check and different chains. But you get the Vague idea.
I finally have my inspiration for my dress for my interview! and now I'm raring to go! I found this gorgeous yellow lumberjack type material with grey sort of check in with it, and so I've based my dress on that material and built up around it! It's going to be sort of a punk rock lumberjack! with lots of antique silver chains with little crosses and stuff on, with a glamorous edge as well! I've still got to draw it but it's all up there in my head for definite! I've been driving my mum mad with the idea, and I'm going to start on the beginning pages today after lesson!
I've just got to sort out the dress, and then I'm going to start on the shirt! I'm really quite excited for it! But I'll do a mock drawing of it today and post that so you can all give me a little bit of feed back on it! But as I keep saying, I'm really excited about it! Which is quite good as the other one I think would of been really difficult to actually do but this one does look a little easier to actually put in to practice. I'm also really looking forward to styling it as well! My friend, loves styling too, so I think between us we can get some amazing shots of it! 
I'm also almost done on my night course, last week next monday, and I'm getting really excited! I'm just doing a simple grey a-line skirt, but I think I've enough material to do it again, so I might make another once the course is finished and I might add some little jewels and stuff on to it and make it a little bit more glam! I'm really glad I took up the night course since I really do enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to enrolling in the next one! I've also seen some of the finished articles at the college for the Fashion Design course, and I'm actually not minding so much if I have to go and do a foundation year there or something, since the work they produced their is Uni quality or just below I think and the pictures etc. do look really good. 

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