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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bad driving, Christmas Shopping and a need for a Tripod... oh and feeding?

For some reason, and I'm not sure why since my mother keeps a weirdly tidy house... all our mirrors are filthy! Why?! It's even odder because mine manage to all be clean. We also desperately need some good lighting! I was going to take some photo's outside, except I lacked something... my camera. So I clearly had an issue with this. By the way I'm now taking my photo's with my expensive camera, as I call it. But I think for the pictures to improve I need an a) interesting background, or at least a plain one or b) I need a tripod so that they aren't shakey... either I think would definitly increase the picture quality. Christmas is always around the corner though, so I'd better start my list! 
The London Eye at Christmas, when it's snowed and all the trees
 are lit up! how pretty is that?!
On the subject of Christmas, I went and collected my order, and now have the main part of my Christmas shopping done. How brilliant! My mother claims it to be FAR to early to start Christmas shopping... I strongly disagree! Saying that I'd have the Christmas Tree up in May if I had my way, I likely all the twinkly lights >< ^.^, but that might just be because I am a sad child. But it is all done, and I will take a picture, later and show you what I've got for everyone, since I do love sharing. 
I also have an annoying boyfriend (Who I love very dearly) who I've still to buy for... he's a pain. Men always are, it's okay if they're you're father, they're related to you. Bad Christmas presents are expected like jumpers. *Wonders if said boyfriend needs a jumper?* So now I've to get him a really good Christmas gift, since I'm a little competitive. So any idea's would be GREATLY appreciated. *Said boyfriend may ask for stuff when he reads this later so as to SEO* But I doubt much will come of that either.
My driving instructor has also changed her car.
 I DO NOT LIKE!! I insisted on moaning the entire hour, because the gear box is far higher up and it confuses me, I also keep putting it into 4th instead of 2nd and vice versa. It is also weird to pull off in. I'm far to used to the other car, and now plan on buying the same car that I learn in so that I don't have to get used to a 3rd car! I will never manage this. Also the bell just went, ooh! I wonder what it is! Sadly probably not anything interesting, which is a shame. I doubt it's a big present for me. Though if it is I love whoever the sender is, extremely dearly. It may be next door giving back the 2 springs, that flew over their fence 2 days ago while I was on the trampoline... I lose weight and now the springs start breaking? Our trampoline is impossible. Least I didn't kill anyone with them... 
Oh yes, and I suppose I'd better show you what I wore! Christmas side tracks me awfully, one day you'll all log on to find I've gone Christmas mad, and written 4 posts in 5 minutes about it... Hopefully I'll keep my sanity, but do expect far too many Christmas pictures. 
I wore my Topshop, Coco Chanel Quote top that I got in the sale for £10! and a Primark wrap around belt in light grey, my River Island £4 sale necklace that I got recently, my blazer, leggings and my high boots again. Although of course I wore flat shoes to drive in.
Oh and I also forgot to tell you on the front of having interviews with people that own their own hand made store or Vintage stores, I've found a few people and sent them the questions, so I'll post that up as I get replies back! There'll be links to there stores as well so you can have a little snoop for yourself!


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