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Sunday, 10 October 2010

New shoessss :D! Yep that is pretty much the high light of my day! my new shoes! There's a picture of me in them and my leggings and my shirt that I wear to bed, I do apologise for how rough I look! I've been at work all day and feel like I should be sleeping for the next 4 years! Sadly not. My skin is also trying to get dry, but I won't let it so I'm stuck in that awful stage where it's not quite dry but not right either, and it's quite sore.
My new shoes and my night shirt, I do look awful but never mind, least now you can see my beautiful shoes!
I've also bitten down some of my nails too! which is annoying, now I remember why I like my nails long! But!
I've my night course tomorrow night so I'm a happy girly! I also need to send my dress from Asos back, so I get £10 back which is good I guess, since I'm broke from the shoes! I've also my theory test soon and need to revise which is a pain. I've also got my re-sits soon and I can't remember anything from last year, so I'm a little bit screwed! So I'm gonna have to find someone to revise with and try my best this time, since it's cost me a fortune to re-sit!
I took this one while trying my shoes on, it doesn't look as awful as what I thought it did (:
Which is ridiculous, but I do want to get into Uni so I suppose I'd better do it. On the subject of Uni's, I managed to book an open day at west minster as well, so that's great! I will now be attending 1! open day! I don't see the point in attending the others, mainly cause I can't get the time off to visit.... but never mind.


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