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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fresh Start...

"The Dog Days are Over" -   http://lookbook.nu/maedchen   
The dog days are indeed over....
So I've decided I need a fresh start. I've the week off since it's half term, and I've decided that I'm going to get on top of all of my school work, that I'm going to start a seperate blog, and keep it up to date for things to do with pattern cutting and dress making. I'm also going to have a little tidy out of my room since I feel that it's too cluttered, and I need to get rid of some of the stuff since I'll have to do it next summer if not when I go to university. 
I'm also on the shop front, starting a new range of T-shirts, for which I will keep you posted, but for now just to keep me going I'm selling all of my jewellery supplies since I'll no longer be doing that, unless it's just a one off. But they'll just be plain motif t-shirts I think for now. I'm going to design 10 and then I'll post them up in my shop and put a link here for anyone who wants a link. I'll also be making custom shirts on as well which will be a nice change I think.
I'm also taking up running every night, and swimming once a week which due to my week off, I should at least be able to do easily this week hopefully. And it's something that I can do everyday and enjoy a little, something nice and relaxing to get rid of all that extra caffeine that I enjoy drinking far too much.
I also passed my theory test! which I was really worried about! But it turns out it wasn't so bad, and now I've just my practical to pass and then I can eventually get my car hopefully! Which I'm really excited for! But sadly I'm still saving, or rather starting! So the more I sell the better!
I'll also hopefully be going shopping this week! So there will be lots of new clothes to show you! Which is always nice! Could still do with some little black boots though since I can't find any nice ones anywhere which is really annoying. Why does no where do nice boots?
So I'll keep you up-to date on that! And I'm now going to go and set up my blog for the night course... and here is the link!    http://victoryistheonlyoption.blogspot.com/

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