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Sunday, 31 October 2010


My Sisters pumpkin that she carved. A werewolf/wolf howling at the stars. Pretty good I thought for a 15 year old.
Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it! Sadly I've grown out of the habit and find it a nuisance, mainly because of 15 year olds who think trick or treat is an excuse to be ruder than usual and ask for sweets. But still it was sweet seeing all the children dressed up in town in their little outfits with their faces all painted, trying to frighten all the shop assistants in shops. Oh when I was little, I'd be all dressed up in my black bin bag and my little cat ears (I had a habit of ruining clothes that I rarely wore?) and jumping out at my dad when he got home. Carving the pumpkin's was always good, sadly my sisters was better than mine most of the time.
I also got the T-shirts yesterday through, so I can start making the pattern for those, and hope to of finished 5 of them by next week sometime! But I'll put up photo's as I go! So that should be fun to do. They've all got cool little sayings on them, although I'm hoping to do a few pictures eventually but I want to get set up first before I do too much!
My cat that was so tired after doing lots of work....Cause sleeping is such hard work. Don't worry kitty, it's not like that's my bed, you carry on. Excuse me for interrupting you....
For now though that is all. So have a good halloween! I wanna see lots of pictures of you're costumes!

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