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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I am incredibly proud, to announce that I have been accepted into IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) and am very happy about this. I have also gotten my UCAS back and have up-dated my personal statement, which I'll put on here for now for you all to have a nosey at. I have changed my final 5 to:
London art college aswell. 
I'm getting quite excited and can't wait to get my offers back!
I've also been shopping! But I'll take photo's of that for you all later! but I' just thought I'd quickly let you know that I was accepted into IFB and that I'm very proud of this. Ooh and I've also ordered some white tops so that I can start my collection!!

Now here is my personal statement: 
"I have chosen to do Fashion design as I enjoy designing clothing and would like to learn more about the technical side. I aspire to open my own label, and would like to use the knowledge and skills I will gain to do so. I have always been interested in fashion, from watching Ladies day at Ascot with my mother, to reading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Company, Elle etc. I have especially enjoyed going to cities and drawing new ideas from the people walking past and seeing creative ways of putting things together.
I like that the course has good underlying technical skills, which is an area that I want to gain more experience in. I have already begun to make efforts towards this by making little projects. Designing and construction skills are of particular value to me.
Living in the city has always appealed to me, as the diverse culture and people constantly provide fresh inspiration. I am also looking forward to participating in competitions. It would be good advertising if I started a label and I can gain feedback.
I'm currently studying art and photography and have tailored these subjects to make fashion the main component. A lot of designing is also involved, and compiling a portfolio has been an interesting challenge. I am resitting History and an Art module as I feel that I didn't do as well as I could have and so would like to improve my mark, as I was only a few marks off of the next grade for both.
I have also been very pro-active in art/design. I started art lessons when I was 7 and carried on every weekend for 6 years, studying different materials, styles and types of work which has significantly helped my sketching abilities. Business studies will also help, as it introduces to the fundamentals of starting up my own label, and has also helped me develop my research skills and means that I find it easier to source items.
 I also have a personal/fashion blog (http://thecountrycitygirls.blogspot.com)which I update daily showing what I'm wearing daily and with other personal stuff on. I was also recently accepted into IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) which has helped me to connect with other Fashion Bloggers so that I can see more work and designs, and also gives me access to more opinions and fashion choices.
 I also have done a night course for pattern cutting and dressmaking where we are taught to do seams, seam finishes, hems, zippers, godets, gathers, pleats, pattern cutting and construction and will be able to make our own skirt by the end of the course. I will also after this course be taking up the advanced and intermediate course as well to improve on my skills.
I also have an online store where I sell jewellery that I make and am also starting a range of T-shirts with motifs on and hope to develop the range and progress as I go. This gives me a forum in which I can sell the clothing I make and builds confidence in my work as well as a clientele base. It also offers a chance to see what sells well. The industry is hard to get into and competitive, which is a situation I feel I will do well in; I am driven and often described as a perfectionist.
In my free time I relax, shop and go to the cinema as well as holding a varied social life. Working at both JJB and Debenhams offers me a variety of experience working with the public, handling money and seeing different trends. I have gained good customer knowledge and developed my ability to perceive a customer's needs, which will aid me in custom designs, and would help me to know what they were looking for in competitions and create a design based on that.
Going to university will be a chance to find new influences and to socialise with a new and diverse group of people. I find it good motivation to be around people who think similarly to me, enabling us to learn from each other."

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