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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Swimswim! and Shirley Craven...

Shirley Craven's work.
I've had a more productive day! I went swimming, and I posted the stuff that I needed to, for the most part. And I also managed to go to the art gallery which I needed to do, now I just need to colour in that thing for art and stick in my artist research... not to bad for a day when I feel ill! 
Now just to have a bath, so as to get rid of the smell of chlorine, which is sadly the only thing I can smell, not even my dinner ): 
Got lots of work to do tonight, so least I'll be kept nice and busy, which is what we like! Going to walk my new shoes in too after my bath, and then stuff them with some news paper to stretch them a little. I also need to make this stupid hat, that I've still not managed to make. I also forgot to go to the fabric store, to get some lace and red,blue and white pieces of fabric. Which is an awful pain.
They were showing some of Shirley Craven's work at the Fermoy art centre, since she's a hull based artist. She does some really cool patterns on materials, a little bit aboriginal/aztec sort of thing, but it's really cool. Quite glad I went in the end, and it's quite nice since it was free, which you often don't get any more which is a shame. But here's some of her work anyway. That's some of her work, I couldn't really find any others which was a shame, but I really like how some of them just seem to be colourful doodles, I thought it made a present change to pictures that are all painted and neat. xoxo

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