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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


What I wore yesterday and perhaps should of taken the picture when I was a little less grumpy and tired?
 I’ve woken up sadly with an absolute headache, and I don’t mean the people one that you can easily solve. Although I’ve that too. My UCAS is still messed up too, ever since my “Friend” sent it to my teacher to be checked, she’s released it back to me, but I still can’t log on, which wouldn’t be so bad but it says that I’m not taking my A level exams, and also that I want to go to Coventry and not Westminster. Which is really bugging me now, since the only open day I’m attending is Westminster not Coventry… pain much? So I’m still really annoyed at that… and her.
I’m still waiting too warm up since my Dad has opened the windows to let some of the cold air in, and once that has happened… so in a few hours. Then I’m going to go on the Wii (if I can get it to work) and then I’ve some more of my list to do, and also this picture to finish off, but I should be able to finish that today and post a picture.

A close up of my pretty necklace (:
Here is also my new top that I brought at Debenhams in there sale and used my staff discount, so it cost me something like £6.50 in the end which impressed me no end. Hopefully it’ll be long enough to go over just leggings or something, but it’s cute either way. The necklace is from River Island and I got for £4, but I thought it would go well with leggings or my grey jeans which is quite good. I seem to really like long necklaces and rings atm. I also want to go in with Dad to town and get a ring from there which I was unsure of at the time, but I actually really like, I’m not sure whether to wait and go in with mum tomorrow though which I’ll probably end up doing. The blazer is also from River Island and I ordered online in there sale, it cost me £30 but it’s quite big which I love and is fairly long which is nice, since I prefer stuff to be long, since I can just put a top on over some leggings and then my jacket and not worry about being indecent from behind.
I've also today managed to finish one side of my business coursework, and I hope to later this evening finish this Kiefer picture that I keep starting and stopping!  I also want to do another page in my book for this years course. I've other than that done pretty much nothing since I didn't even manage to get on the Wii, but maybe I'll manage that later anyhow. I also aim to do my history homework as well, since that means that is out of the way, least she hasn't set us an essay this time, and I am thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow! Even though I need to text my driving instructor and see if she has any lessons later in the afternoon.
I also just watched gossip girl. OMG! Chuck and Blair so have to get back together! It's heartbreaking! I hope they will, I think to take down Julietta and that lot, I think they'll manage some devious plan and manage to finally get back together! I read some of the synopsis for next weeks, and lots of Hate sex was on the agenda! Here is the Canadian preview for the next episode! Sorry about the weird size, I dunno how to change that!

I'm also now about to set fire to some bits of paper to put in my art book for research purposes of course... and then I also want to draw a picture of a destroyed city, and then that should add a few extra marks on to my work hopefully. It's getting re-marked in summer and I really need to do lots of work to complete it. I've also at some point got to re-learn all my work from last year to re-take my Tudor paper which I hated. Least this year it's more coursework than exams. But I'll post a video of last years portfolio for you so that you can see the work I did in my book, my final piece is still at school I'm afraid. I looked at society and how everything in upper society is all nice looking and how it's only when you get lower down socially that you begin to see the cracks in the city. So it was based on high society and how they couldn't see the cracks in their perfect society. It was also of course based heavily on fashion, as is all of my work.
I'm also looking forward to getting a dress making mannequin soon if all goes to plan! I'm gonna save up for one and try to buy one off the internet since they aren't too expensive hopefully. But I'm going to wait till the end of the month to get one because I don't want to spend all my money at the beginning of the month again.
 Quite an interesting dress concept 

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