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Friday, 8 October 2010

And I'm back...

So I can't exactly remember when I updated this because it's me, and also cause I've been quite tired and a little ill, which I can't really afford to be. So I've got pictures of my art book to show you and I've what I wore today, though it's not very inventive cause I woke up late. Though I think I could currently sleep for days, but alas I've work tomorrow 9-6 and Sunday 10:30-4:30, which is a shame cause I do miss a good lie in.
But on the upside I've booked my driving theory for the 20th October, so I'm quite nervous about that and need to do some revision, as well as revision for everything else which is annoying. But least then that's out the way, and I'd better pass cause it cost me a bloody fortune.
But I'm also making a hat for my art class, but there'll be pictures of that up later cause it's really not finish yet... not really started either, but still! Positive is the key!
I've also had my night course on Monday which went amazingly! I absolutely love it, and definitely want to do it when I go to uni, I just need to improve my drawing skills which is a pain! But least now I know what I need to improve at and can just keep going and trying, I think I'll just print some pictures off and stick them in my book and keep trying from there. After all, practice does make perfect!  But anyway here's what I wore today, and also the pictures from my art book.

I also seriously need a day off! I'm so tired! I spent Monday working, which is a pain. I seriously need sleep which is a shame that I can't. I'm also meant to be booking my gym induction for Tuesday afternoon, and I'm meant to go swimming next week, but I might skip the gym induction since it's not booked and just go swimming, and wait for the induction till I get paid, since I'll hopefully get paid lots cause of being paid 2 months wages from Debenhams and 1 from JJB, which is good cause I've seen some expensive shoes that I LOVE! and have now decided I NEED! & I was gonna show you a picture of the shoes but of course I can't find it.

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