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Monday, 22 November 2010

Bad day! to Good Day! to maybe brilliant day?

I woke up in a BAD mood, very bad, which was then worsened by my parents. However, I've been to town and returned my stuff, and then gone to the ATM and found I actually have £30.00 in there, then managed to get my friends and my mothers present, well other part since I brought them both something else as well, for under £10.00. So I've finished some more of my Christmas list and taken my stuff back which was on my list and put myself in a good mood!
This has also led me to a sudden idea of "10 things for under £10.00 for Christmas" But instead of having just items, it'll have lots of clever little tips and idea's too! Since everyone is a little broke at Christmas, and you always get that one person who you don't really like and out of the kindness of you're heart have been nice to all year... and now Karma's being a bitch and they're getting you a present and you've to get them one back of course to keep up the charade (What an awful game it's turned out to be) 
So today I'm hoping to finish more of my list and do some work on my portfolio for my interviews. So at least I've made a start on that, and also to finish some of my coursework for my subjects. I've also discovered why my layout etc. was so funny, the boyfriend had played about with the META Tags... whatever those are while he was SEOing my blog. Which totally threw me, so I just nodded and said thank you for undoing it, sometimes men do talk such weird talk!

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